☆TOKYO - Day 10☆07.29☆

haha today our sightseeing tour should start BUT it was rainy.....so...we went shopping in Shibuya haha xD
we could also take a picture with Hachiko because it wasn´t that crowded today ^^/
(ugly me >A<°)

we also went to Shibuya 109-2 to the mens section!!! woah! such awesome clothes, accessoires and sales assistants!!! hrhrhrhr xD
i forgot to take some photos...>o<
haha before we went to McD and there was a guy who looked so cool and than...i saw him in Shibuya 109-2 in a shop!!! lol   he was sales assistant there! so funny xD
after shopping we went back to the hotel and got dressed for the evening.
we met Julia in Shibuya at 7:00 pm!
 we waited for Berenike 1,5 hours but she wasn´t coming!!! ;____;
that ruined our plan because we wanted to go to the LEX!!
so we went to McD and walked around in Shibuya.
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Yune wanted to go back to the hotel, so i stayed in Shibuya together with Julia a little longer.
we went through the streets and landed in the ´red-light´ district lol
than we turned around and went back to the main street reaaaallyyyy fast haha
in the games hall we made some Purikura!!
what a funny evening~<3

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