☆TOKYO - Day 6☆07.25☆

today we woke up about 9:00 am.
My breakfast was an AKB48 riceball. But it had a weird mushroom filling….haha
We got dressed and met our japanese friend Yume at 11:00 am.
She is so cute and kind!!! And we were glad that she liked our little present!
We went shopping in Ikebukuro. We made Purikura and she showed us a 2nd hand shop for cd´s, dvd´s, magazines, books and many more!!! So awesome!!!
 I bought an old KAT-TUN dvd for 500 Yen!!!, a NEWS dvd for Koko and the July issue of Popteen maazine for 250 Yen!!! Wuuuu I love the BOOK-OFF store!!!
And Yume went to Sunshine City with us!!!
Finally we´ve found it haha  without getting lost lol
 Sunshine City is such a big shopping center!!!! It´s so confusing haha
We went to NAMJATOWN! It´s a little theme park inside of the SC!
So so cute hehe
Our first target was Ice Cream City!!! So cool!!! 
 With awesome and also weird sorts of ice cream! I ate soft crème with white peach flavour! So yummy! My most favourite now hehe
 But you could also eat shark, octopuss, chicken or cow ice cream! 
  We visited also other atractions in the park!
 Yume-chan! so cute hehe
 this little cat was the mascot of the park! lovely hehe

Afterwards we continued going shopping and I found an EGG store!!!! 
 Wuuu I didn´t know that there is a shop of EGG magazine! So awesome!
About 5:30 pm we said good bye to Yume and we went back to the hotel.
About 6:30 pm we went again to SC but we didn´t bought anything again haha stupid action.
  We went to McD and bought Teriyaki Burger!!! So so yummy!! 
 Afterwards we had to laugh soooo much haha maybe in the Burger were some mysterious ingredients lol
We went to 7/11 and bought breakfast and Peach Ice-Cream!!! 
 So yummy because inside the ice cream were little fizzy tablets !!! so cool and funny haha
 Yune, Yamapi and another hot guy lol
 We went back about 10:00 pm and than KAME was in TV!!! Wuhuuuuuuuu
 He is host for the sports show GOING!  Arwwww so cool!!! Haha love love
And afterwards 12012 said good evening haha
Oh by the way!!! TODAY we saw the guy again who looked like KANON from AnCafé!!! That´s fate!
waaaah hotel room party!!!??? with lipton ice tea lol   say YES to nerd glasses <3
haha good bye~ 

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