☆TOKYO - Day 4☆07.23☆

after another sleepless night we met Paula at 12:00 and went to a japansese ramen restaurant.ラーメン
Yune and me shared a bowl of Ramen because we weren´t really hungry...汗
but it was deliciousニコニコ
oh by the way....Tokyo has an amazing electric current line system haha にひひ汗
it looks so dangerous .... that´s the view out of our window loland that´s in every district ビックリマーク

well after having lunch we went back to the hotel and about 01:45 pm we went to the Ikebukuro station and met sasu and nine. ドキドキ
they helped us buying our PASMO card!!! 叫び
wuuuuuuu that´s so cool! because it´s much easier to use the trains and subway and you don´t have to buy a new ticket for each time using the trains.! ラブラブ
after purchasing our card we went to the BUDOKAN!!!! because TODAY is the GazettE concert wuhuuuuuuuuuu!!!! ドキドキショック!
omg the surroundings of the Budokan were really great.ラブラブ
there was a park or something like that...with a huge pond and you must go through a big gate which looks very traditional 黄色い花 .... after passing the gate we saw a bus with huge advertisement for GazettE´s final of the tour in the Tokyo Dome!!! ラブラブ! 
than we sam the BUDOKAN!!! what an amazing building!!!叫び
i was so so excited hehe にひひチョキ
we bought our tour shirts at the merchandise stall グッド!
but it was sooooo expensive!!! ca. 4000 ¥!!! (40€)
some fans were already there アップ  
after some minutes awesome cosplayer arrived!!! omg they really looked like GazettE!!! the girl which has cosplayed Ruki (Vo.) looked exactly like him!!! amazing! ショック!so we asked them for a picture hehe カメラ
afterwards we tried the tour shirts on .... arw they are so big and look like a nightgown haha にひひあせる
later i put my belt over the shirt and than it doesn´t looked so huge ビックリマークチョキ

some other cosplayers arrived アップ 
did they bought their costumes in Harajuku? haha べーっだ!
before the concert we went to the toilet and we made our first experience with a traditional japanese toilet hahaaaaa クラッカー
i thought the Budokan has more high tech lol
about 5:00 pm we went to the oversea ticket counter because sasu and nine had to pick up there tickets.チョキ
they got really good places in the seating area in front of the stage!!!叫びabput 5:30 pm the let in started!あし
it was really nice. no pushing or screaming. in Germany you will be nearly crushed at every concert hahaパンチ!
after a while we found our seats....we had a really good view! 2nd balcony.チョキ
in every seat was a little bag with gaze flyer and books from PS Company! really cool hehe
about 6:30 pm the concert starts!!! wuuuuuuuuuuuu it was amazing!!!!!!!!!! 叫びビックリマーク
everybody screamed when gaze entered the stage haha!!! and they looked so so hot!ラブラブ!
we had a lot of fun! headbanging and furi with soooooo many people doing the same things at the same time was really awesome! it looked so cool!!! arw!クラッカードキドキ
btw the japanese girls there were really scary during the concert!!! they freaked totally out!!! normally they have a cute voice but there, they scream, like metal or screamo bands, the members names!!!! i was really surprised how they could change their voices haha にひひチョキ
well this was our view....secret picture lol 左下矢印
and Yune and me after the concert! ガーン 

we looked so so ugly haha!!! headbanging the whole time was really strenous lol !!むかっ
Yune lost her hair accessoires haha

after the concert 夜の街
Oh by the way!!! Today D=OUT watched the concert too!!!! they had their seats at the same balcony like us but they were in the middle and we were in the south east....あせる
yesterday at the concert ALICE NINE were the VIP guests!!!!! arwwwwwww actually we wanted to go to their concert but it was already sold out!!! so we decided to go to gaze....
nine and sasu told us A9 went to the concert on 22nd!!! i was so jealous haha! i wanted to see SHOU!!! love love!ラブラブ

after the concert in front of the entrance to the BUDOKAN many indie bands handed out their flyers!!!!
wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much hot guys !!! good for the eyes!目ドキドキ
we got 3kg of flyers for sure haha
AND between all the guys there was ONE guy who shone over everyone!!! he was the cutest guy ever!!!haha
so after some minutes of gaining courage...i asked him for a photo lol にひひ汗 
omg i look so ugly and my standing position is really uncomfortable haha ダウンむかっ
actually we have the same height lol
nevertheless he was so so cute! and he had little stars in his hair 星 wuuuuuuu キラキラ
he gave us a flyer. so his band is called PIECE!
later we got to know that he is the vocalist and is called NANAMI ! what a lovely name hehe ラブラブ
i hope they will be famous soon!!! than i can say i have a picture with the vocalist lol

afterwards we looked for a Family Mart! good thing that they have stores at every corner in the city haha
we needed something to drink!ビール
on the way until the subway station, bands handed out their flyers
really cool hrhrhr
back at the subway station we waited for nine and sasu and went back to Ikebukuro.チョキ
around 11:15 pm we reached the hotel. we had dinner!ラーメン 
Cup noodles are a good midnight snack hahawe were so so tired BUT then....the new PV of the kiddie was shown on TV!!!!テレビ
arwwww we were so happy and turned up the volume lol
we didn´t have a music channel in TV so we found a channel which showed some PV´s at night....haha
and the quality was so so bad lol but so what!音譜

THE KIDDIE - smile. pv
Hochgeladen von sasori352. - Musikvideos, Sänger Interviews, Konzerte und mehr.
yes yes, it was a great day again!!!ドキドキ

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