☆TOKYO - Day 3☆07.22☆

i couldn´t sleep very well tonight because the beds are soooooo uncomfortable....あせる
well we woke up around 10:00 am and bought breakfast at the 7/11 store.ラブラブ
afterwards we went to Paula´s room and she was there!!アップ finally haha にひひ
abput 11:00 am we went to the Ikebukuro all together,走る人
there we met Berenike,ラブラブ She is a friend from Austria 音譜
we all took the next train to Harajuku! 叫びドキドキ
Berenike, Yune and me were looking for the Johnny´s Ent. FanShop.ラブラブ
but before that we saw the Takeshita-Dori!!!ラブラブ! wuuuuuuuuu so so cool!!!恋の矢  
first we went in the completely wrong direction but we noticed very fast that the way was wrong and than we found the shop pretty fast!!チョキ
but i was really disappointed because they just sold photos....汗i thought i could buy uchiwas or other great things but FAIL! ガーン
i just bought 2 photos for Koko and 3 for me....あせる  
2 hot Kame pictures and a KAT-TUN pic for me ドキドキ

afterwards we crossed a bridge 音譜
here is the Omotesando station on the left
and we saw the famous Harajuku bridge where sometimes cosplayer and lolitas are, BUT there was really NOBODY!!!!むかっ the next disappointment haha汗
it wasn´t sunday but i thought maybe there are a few people...well...wrong idea
what a day...汗  
we decided to go shopping at the Takeshita-Dori!!!ドキドキ
THAT was a good idea haha!!!にひひ
the shops are soooooooooo awesome!!!叫び i bought so much hahaドキドキ
on the way we saw a cute lolita hehe にひひラブラブ
stalker picカメラ  

the entrance to the Takeshita-Dori リボン   
aaaaand a cosplay stall ショック!
GazettE cosplays!! so so cool! 叫び
but very expensive! ガーン
more than 200€ for eachビックリマーク

at the opposite of the cosplay stall there was a fan shop of Johnny´s and J-Rock bands.ラブラブ 
the whole store was filled with merchandise...i didn´t see a wall or anything....just bands here and bands there....so much stuff in such a small shop haha にひひ

afterwards we took our first PURIKURA - プリクラ here in Japan!!! so so funny haha ニコニコ
i love it!ドキドキ
our result hehe にひひラブラブ
i think it turned out pretty good チョキドキドキ

afterwards we went to a café and ordered Ice Tea.
it tasted interesting because they weren´t sweet.あせる
we didn´t found any sugar so we drank it pureクラッカー

Berenki left us after that. she had a meeting with some other friends in the afternoon.
so we continued our shopping tour!!!ドキドキ
arw we found the Sexpot Revenge store!!!
woah so awesome!!!
but we didn´t bought anything there....汗

we spent about 1 hour at the LIZ LISA shop for sure!!ラブラブ!ドキドキ
omg i love this brand soooo much!!! my favourite hahaにひひラブラブ
and the shop girls were so so cute and friendly.ラブラブ
during the time we stayed there we had 2 personal shop assistants!!叫び
what a service hahaグッド!
i bought clothes for ca. 120€!!!! arwwww...but they are so cute ラブラブ!
we also got a present because we bought so much にひひ汗
it´s a little bag for your cell-phone アップ

about 5:30 pm we went back to the Harajuku station and met Paula there アップ
what a coincidence ニコニコ
we went back to the hotel and tried on our new clothes again! ワンピース
the room looked like this after our shopping tour.べーっだ!
and those are just my new clothes hahaにひひ 

i bought new pajamas and cute denim pantsドキドキ 
a t-shirt, hoodie and short skirt from LIZ LISA ラブラブ! 
some hair accessoires and a cell phone strap at Paris Kid´s 音譜 
a shirt for the gaze concert and dress at BODY LINE クラッカー  
and a cute high waist skirt ラブラブ 
we changed clothes and left the hotel around 8:00 pm, we attracted more attention tonight and a guy talked to us....i think it was a host haha にひひ
but he was hot ドキドキ
because he couldn´t speak English very well we said good bye to each other あせる
in front of the ikebukuro station the next 3 guys waited for us....but they were reaaaaally weird lol
one of them had green hair haha
another guy told us he is a german student...but he couldn´t speak any German...too funny.にひひ汗
they looked like tourists themselves!目
actually we wanted to look for post cards but we didn´t find anything at the station. therefore we found a small SWIMMER shop, arw so so cute.ドキドキ
we went back to the hotel and the next guy talked to us....but he was weird as well むかっ
afterwards we relaxed in the lobby of our hotel ぐぅぐぅ
what an exctiting day アップ

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