☆TOKYO - Day 2☆07.21☆

after watching Valentine´s Day (what a boring movie), DS, games and some tries to sleep, we got breakfast.食パン
and this time it was really yummyグッド!
 after 11 hours we arrived at Tokyo, Narita airport!飛行機
it was 08:55 am in Tokyo. 時計
the flight was so strenous but we finally reached our dream land. ラブラブ!ドキドキ
we were so tired but really really happy and relieved.
after saying hello to the cute guy at the passport-check we had to give them our finger prints and face photoあせる
we picked up our luggage.
yes it arrived!グッド!
because we didn´t fill out the card for the customs the guy at the counter searched through our bags.ダウンむかっ
really weird. we thought everything on the card doesn´t apply to us, so we didn´t fill it out....FAILガーン
nevertheless you have to fill it out and sign it.汗
next time we know what to do. アップ
at the airport i made my first encounter with a japanese high-tech toilet!にひひ

 so funny. but i was scared to touch the buttons. 長音記号2
we changed clothes and looked for a counter to buy the PASMO card for the trains....but we didn´t find it.あせる
so we bought some bus tickets to Ikebukuro.バス
for each ticket we payed 3000¥ (30€) ガーン
we got out of the airport and were really really shocked!叫び
it was so so hot and humid!晴れ雨
i never experienced such a climate before...except in a sauna. あせる
20 minutes later our bus arrived.
the bus guys put our luggage into the bus and bowed while the bus was departing.ラブラブso cute!
here are some first pictures of Tokyo out of the bus windows.カメラ
the hotel from Tokyo DisneyLand in castle styleラブラブ
 ferris wheel キラキラ  
after 1,5 hours we arrived Ikebukuro at Metropolitan Hotel.
but this wasn´t our hotel, so we had to look for it in this big district.目
i had a location plan from the hotels website so we found it very fast.アップ
 in the front of the brown building, turn left and the next right and you will see our hotel ニコニコ

we arrived at the hotel and could check-in immediately.ラブラブ
while paying for our stay in the hotel, the concert tickets for the KAT-TUN and the GazettE concert arrived!!!! 叫びドキドキラブラブ
so so awesome!!!! チョキアップ
we got our key and took the elevator to the 5th floor because we had the room number 502.
afterwards we went to the Family Mart and bought some drinks and the Popteen for August!ドキドキ
so much cheeper than in Germany! ラブラブ

 i love japanese LIPTON ice tea!!! it´s not so sweet like in Germany.アップ

we went to the Ikebukuro station and looked for our meeting place (the owl statue) with 2 friends from Germany. we are going to the GazettE concert together.アップ
after running up and down the station for 3 times, we found the statue by accident.DASH!
we were happyあせる
we also saw advertisement for Ayu´s new single moon/blossom.ドキドキ arw so great!!ラブラブ!
so we went back to the hotel and planned to visit Paula. she is another friend from Germany.ラブラブ
we knew her room number and knocked at the door...
a girl opened the door and i thought it was Paula´s friend....so i talked to her あせる
BUT she didn´t know anything about Paula or the e-mails....it was so embarassing ガーン
but she spoke German...
we went to the other hotel across the street.
yes our hotel consists two buildings with the exactly same room numbers.あせるはてなマークむかっ
we asked the woman at the information and she told us Paula isn´t in her room....great!ダウン
but now we knew where she lives.グッド!

we had a new plan and wanted to visit the Sunshine City Shopping Centre.
omg...it was a bad idea! BECAUSE we got lost haha あせる
already at the beginning we turned in the wrong direction but we thought we were right.むっ
so we walked and walked and wondered when the shopping centre or the Ikebukuro station appear.
but nothing appeared....so i aksed a woman for the way.
yes yes we also had a map but it wasn´t easy to read.むかっ
the woman brought us back to the hotel! she was so so kind and cute.ラブラブ
we got to know that her name was Yuki and she was 32 years old.!
omg she looked like 19!!! unbelievable! with 32 i will look like an ugly old woman buhuhuhuしょぼん
Asian girls must have some kind of magic cosmetics hahaアップにひひ

back at the hotel we asked for Paula again but she wasn´t there yet.汗
so we went out again....it was 7:00pm and all hot guys, maybe Hosts, appeared on the streets hrhrhrhr...ラブラブ!
good for the eyes hahaにひひドキドキ
we went to the next shopping centre which we saw when we got back from the Ikebukuro station.
it´s called OIOI. what a cute name ラブラブ
we bought our first shopping goods - lingerie音譜
 i´m not a big fan of such panties but it was a Set for 1800¥ (18€).チョキ
i think for sleeping they are OK.
i love the bra!!! what a push effect haha!にひひ
the girl who worked there was so cute and kind too!!!
she came around the counter, bowed, thanked and gave me the bag.ラブラブ what a serviceビックリマーク
in Germany you will be lucky if you will get a bag for free and hear a thank you....what differences!

after that we went to a cell phone store and took a look at all those amazing and beautiful phones!!!携帯ドキドキ
so awesome! i want to buy one too!!ラブラブ

oh btw. since the meals at the airplane in the morning we didn´t eat anything....because of the hot and humid temperature we don´t have a hungry feeling....weird.むかっ

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