☆TOKYO - Day 1☆07.20☆

Today was the final day!!!クラッカー
Yune and me are going to TOKYO for 2 weeks. ドキドキ
in the morning i woke up about 6:00 in the morining....in the middle of the night.星空あせる
i put the last things into my luggage and about 7:30 we went to the airport. 飛行機
Yune and her family were already there.

 we said good bye to our parents and checked in for the flight to Paris, France about 9:20.

our flight started 09:55 and we reached Paris after 2 hours.アップ
we got a little snack...some cookies and coke.チョキ
in Paris we had to look for the next Terminal....it was quite complicated because the airport was really big.汗
we went by bus to the next Terminal. バス
this side of the airport was really pretty and new.キラキラ
 we checked in for the final flight to Tokyo. ドキドキ
this airplane was much bigger!飛行機
there were 3 seating rows ビックリマーク
we also had a tv screen in front of our seat. テレビ
our first meal was a mix out of breakfast, lunch and dinner...kind of weird 得意げ
 i couldn´t sleep during the flight because everytime when i was shortly before sleeping such an annoying guy next to me started coughing. カゼ

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