☆outfit check + Summer + Ford Mustang☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing? 
 on Friday after university i met Pila and Steffi~
we had bubble tea of course~~

afterwards we walked around and took some pics~
Steffi and me :D
Pila and me :)

in the evening i went to Anne´s place! we watched the soccer match between Germany and Greece! and YES!!! we WON! haha :D
also KLOSE made a goal *o*/ <3~~*happy*
 yesterday i met up with Anne and Stefan :)
they came to my hometown~
this was my outfit!
dress: New Yorker
bag: H&M
socks: Tutuanna
shoes: Tamaris
(omg i love this dress! it´s so cute! i bought it last week at SALE time for just 10€)


so we met about 14:15 and first bought some bubble tea xD
afterwards we went to a huge park and took some pictures!
Stefan and me~
than we saw this!!!
A red Ford Mustang! *o*/
i think it´s a Mustang Coupe from 1967! <3 
you know...i LOVE those cars!!!
i dream of a 1968 Mustang Convertible in red btw..haha x
Anne and me~ <3
epic chuck pic haha~
Anne and me again~ <3
Anne and me~ <3
Stefan and Anne~ so cute :)
afterwards we went to my place and ate strawberry cakes which i made in the morning :)
super yummy!!!
than we started cooking curry *o*
yummyyyyy~ <3
it was such a funny day!!
thank you :)


☆Outfit Check + Simple Plan + Niigata☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing? 
this time i don´t have much stuff to write about...but i felt like blogging haha~
so here is my outfit from yesterday~
 hat: H&M
shirt: Vila
skirt: H&M kids section
shoes: Tamaris
bag: H&M
in the morning at sat1 breakfast tv (haha) Simple Plan performed their "new" song (ok...it´s from the latest album and this was released in spring 2011 lol) "summer paradise" <3
Jeff, David, Pierre and Seb <3
but where was Chuck?? ;A; even when it´s an acoustic version he could have played percussion...!
but the performance was great nevertheless <3 
i love them :D
i hope they´ll come back to Germany soon hehe :D
yesterday i started drawing a little sketch of my lovely friend Eileen and me~~
i continued in university today :D
here is a little foretaste of the sketch hehe 
i like it so far~
did you see?  Wooyoung (2pm) appeared at the new Men´s Health cover~~(of course korean edition...)
wuuuuu~~ what a hottie haha
omg, i looked at some pics from my trip to Japan(2011)...and i want to go again to Niigata so badly ;A;
i miss this town so much!!! >///<
it was such a nice sunset ;A; <3

thank you for reading!!


☆GETS+Weekend report+Big Bang☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing? 
on Saturday i actually wanted to meet up with Anne and Stefan but the weather was sooo bad, so we decided to meet next week.
but i got this from my parents on saturday!
so cuteeee ne <3
 on Sundy Eileen visited me in my hometown!!!
 we had a lot of fun~~
first we bought some bubble tea of courseee~
passion fruit green tea~~yumyum
here are some other pics of the day i took~
Eileen and me haha~
(c) Eileen
(c) Eileen
(c) Eileen
in the evening we watched the soccer match between Germany and Denmark!
and YESSSSS we won haha! <3
on Monday i skipped the last lesson in university and went shopping~
i also met my friend Becci <3
i bought some new shirts~

 just casual stuff~
friendly colors haha xD
 Thank you for reading!!!