☆Week Report + Egg/Popteen Scans + Photoshoot + ...☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing? 
i really had a nice week!!
on wednesday after university lessons i met my friend Nina
we had dinner at the japanese restaurant "Makoto"!
i ate tori miso katsu don *o*/
suuuper yummy ;A; <3
afterwards we met my friend Pila and went to the cinema~~
we watched "Safe" with Jason Statham :D
 i love action movies haha 
this one was ok, but i wouldn´t buy the DVD xD
but Jason was cool lol
on thursday Eileen and me went to Neotokyo and got our new magazines :D
 Popteen 05 & 06, Egg 06
here are some scans:

 afterwards we went to "Makoto" and had lunch~
i ate Ramen and fried chicken ~~
super yummy *3*/

after lunch we went to our favourite bubble tea store~~
in the evening we went to the shopping mall and i found a cute bikini top~~

i hope this year i can go to the beach lol~~
a little trip to the baltic sea would be nice xD
 on Friday Eileen and me had 3 hours to wait for a friends home party~
so we had lunch and made some photos~~
Eileen made Bento *o*
She has a new reflex camera so i was allowed to take some pics hehe
i will buy such a cam soon as well <3
i really like the pics~
i think i´m not that untalented hahahaha
 afterwards we went to a homeparty from our friend Kristina~~
omg it was so super funny haha
here was the foooood she prepared!
i won´t upload any party pics~ sry~
 on saturday there was the soccer match between Germany and Portugal!!!
my friend Anne invited me to watch the game with her family and friends~~
it was such a great evening!
we had barbecue as dinner!!!
omg, it was sooo good haha
i never ate this much before haha *o*/
yesssss we won :D haha
anne and me with sparklers :D
so pretty :)
it was such a great evening!!
thank youuu~~


  1. oooooh schöne Bilder *_*
    wow die mags sind toll*-* ich hab gestern auch die neue Popteen durchgeblättert aber da war iwie eine ganz nicht-so-schönes Model drauf mit ner ganz komischen Nase XDD aber schöne Yukata-Bilder waren drin*0* ich will auch wieder mags kaufen;o;

  2. 1) Jetzt haben wir fast zur selben Zeit das gleiche gepostet xD

    2) Musst du denn so viele Essensbilder reinstellen? Jetzt hab ich Hunger und muss frühstücken -.-;

    3) ♥

  3. Na toll da warst du ja Donnerstag auch nochmal bei Makoto! Hattest du gar keine Uni die Woche? Wir waren Donnerstag Abend auch da zum Essen, ich hatte tori katsu don :3
    Ich hab auch viele Zeitschriften gekauft im Neo hihi :D
    Liebe Grüße~

    ps. hast du nächsten Samstag eventuell Zeit zum Curry kochen? xD

  4. waaaiii... Love all the food, it makes me drool! tehehehe...

  5. Hallo Schönheit <3
    Der Bikini-Oberteil ist mal Wundersccchhhön♥

    Danke :3 das du mir folgst♥ *__*
    Hab mich voll darüber gefreut, da ich schon länger dein Blog kenne und schon eine Leserin von dein Blog bin ♥

    Liebe grüße♥

  6. Was meinst du, es tut dir leid, dass du keine Partybilder hochlädst? Gott sei Dank! X'D Auch wenn deine Fotos immer sehr hübsch sind, auch die aus diesem Eintrag. ;) N

  7. Thanks for sharing the magazine photos and I watched Safe too, there wasn't as much action as I had hope.

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