☆Popteen No.10&11+Japanese birthday cake-TUTORIAL+Korean package+...☆

!!!Hi GAL´s!!!
so here comes another huge post.
i just have time to write my entries like this, i´m sorry.しょぼん
so first of all, thank you so much for all your lovely comments again, and hello to all my new followers.ドキドキキスマーク
it makes me really happy!!!ラブラブニコニコ
beret: H&M
shirt: some store in Shibuya 109
cardigan: Vero Moda
shorts: Tally Weijl
boots: off brand
bag: some store in Shibuya 109
The 1st topic today is the promised ´Japanese Birthday Cake´ Tutorial!クラッカー
i forgot to take pictures of all the steps back then, but i hope those few photos will help you to follow the way of creating this yummy cake.クラッカー
here are the steps:
1st step;
Buy  a´Princess Lillifee - Glitter Heart´ cake mix.
i just use it because i will get a heart shaped cake out of it.アップ
bake the cake like it´s told at the back of the package.
you will get your heart shaped cake afterwards.チョキ

2nd step:
cut your cake into 2 pieces.
so that you will have an upper part and a lower part.グッド!

3rd step:
take the lower part of your cake and put some fruits onto it.いちごオレンジぶどうリンゴさくらんぼバナナ
i took some yummy strawberriesいちご
add some glaze onto the strawberries so that they stay fresh.キラキラ
and than put the upper part onto the lower part.
than it looks like this. 左下矢印
4th step
now you need a lot of whipped cream!!!!ソフトクリームソフトクリームソフトクリーム
i always use 2 packages (400g)
it´s enough for covering the whole cake and decorating.ドキドキ
start covering the whole cake with the cream.
now it looks like this.左上矢印
clean up the dirty parts around the cake.
if you cleaned up and everything looks fine you can start with the best part!!!

5th part
therefore i started with some cream around the cake合格
now you can put everything onto the top of the cake what you want!!!ニコニコラブラブ
just be creative and have fun!クラッカー 
my result:
and here another example of mine:
well, i hope you all know now how to create such a lovely looking cake.ラブラブケーキ
it´s very easy! チョキ
so try your best and show me your results! ニコニコラブラブ
i would be very happy to see your japanese styled cakes.ドキドキキスマーク
2nd topic today is about my new issues of POPTEEN magazine!!!!ドキドキ
arwww finally i got my magazines for October and November!!!
it´s so awesome.ドキドキ
i made some pics of the things which i liked the most of November´s issue.ニコニコ
so have fun watching my favourite stuff:
arw Hikari´s outfit is so so cute!!! i want to wear it at Halloween too!!!
those nails are just awesome!!!
 i love those brown colors for autumn
What are your favourites?
3rd topic: 
Yesterday I received a super cute package from my lovely Korean friend Taerim.ドキドキキスマーク
i got a lot of food and beauty things. キラキラ
the best was the ´Holika Holika´ mascaraキラキラドキドキ
(why don´t we have such cute brands here in Germany???むかっ)
thank you so much Taerim ラブラブ
5th topic: 
Yesterday i bought all my books for university!!あせる
here was my book list
and here are all the books.
all books are for my japanese studies.チョキ
we will use ´Minna no Nihongo´
Does anybody know it?
autumn arrived~
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Thank you for reading!!!