☆being creative☆

!!!Hi GAL´s!!!
I haven´t post for a week now.しょぼん
So here comes some random stuff where i thought it might be interesting for you.ニコニコチョキ
Starting next week I will be an University student!!!叫びあせる
 omg i am so excited hehe
i will major in Japanese studies.アップドキドキ
Therefore I learn Hiragana and Katakana right now.あせる
I have to study more but i am so lazy these days....あせる
well when i talk about University, I also want to show you my schedule for the next 2 semesters.
It´s a super cute one from Kiki&Lala ラブラブ!ラブラブ
I bought it in Ueno, Tokyo.アップグッド!
 I also pimped it up a bit for every month.ニコニコ
My best friends and my birthday hehe キスマーク

Today I gave a total boring box a make-over haha
i needed a box for putting some of my perfumes inside because i have too much.汗
all those samples doesn´t look good there so i decided to put them in a cute box.
for the make- over i used all this stuff here左下矢印
yes yes it will be an Ayumi box heheドキドキ
she is my idol キラキラ
so it turned out like this hehe
nothing special but i like it nevertheless アップ
ドキドキドキドキwell today is my friends birthday!!!!ドキドキドキドキ
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Koko キスマーク
check out her BLOG ニコニコチョキ
 !!!!!!!!And please don´t forget to Enter my GIVEAWAY ドキドキ !!!!!!!!
 arw KAME!!! He is so so cute!!! I am so obsessed with this guy ラブラブ!ラブラブ


  1. your clothes at the middle photo...are so cuteee!

    ~ Kame is such a cute guy! I am obsessed with him too (^.^)/ ~

  2. nice outfits !
    i like your blog x3

  3. I love your clothes, wish I could wear them ^^

  4. That is such a cute box, great little D.I.Y, oh if you can you should post some big pictures of your outfits as they are really cool. Good luck with uni, and what a cool subject to study xxxxx

  5. Welcome back!! You did a really good job on that perfume box, it's looking gorgeous!! ^.^

    Good luck with uni, study well!! ^.^

  6. Deine Outfits gefallen mir total! ♥
    Und die Box ist dir voll gelungen!
    Echt süß geworden!
    xoxo Momo

  7. Hey, cool wieder einen Post von dir zu lesen!! :-)) Ich hab die Fotos getsren abend vor der Arbeit abgeschickt, sie müssten orgen dann bei dir angekommen, wenn nicht sogar schon heute!

    Ja, nun geht auch bei dir der "zweite" Ernst des Lebens los, aber Unileben ist genial! Ich habs in allen Zügen genossen, tolle neue Freunde gefunden und das steht dir noch alles bevor!

    Viel Erfolg dann beim Japanischlernen, wenn du Fragen hast, kannst du dich gerne an mich wenden :-)

  8. Hi pretty!!
    Congratulation for you university studies, I´m start studing at university 4 years ago xDXD.

    Your looks are fantastic!! and i love your things!!! i want !!!.

  9. Heyyy!!
    I love your outfits :D they all look so so so so cute <3! And I love the creativity you put in to that box ;) it's so cute <3

    I started Uni at the start of this year :) I'm studying Biomedical Science and Japanese - but I'm at level 6 xD I'm so sick of it already ~

  10. omo, i love the 2nd outfit!! :D

  11. hi!
    süße Outfits, gefallen mir sehr^^

    herzlichen glückwunsch. dann gehörst du jetzt auch zu uns studenten^^
    wo studierst du denn?
    und auch noch japanisch. voll cool^^

  12. .. KAME <3<3<3<3 XD sry. ers leider super XD

    studierst du dann japanologie ?
    viel glück ! <3
    der "count-down" is dieser kleine braune zähler von pupéegirl, in der sidebar (unter meiner pupée)meines und mutsumis blogs~ ".... days " steht oben und drunter steht " to TRIP " steht dran oder sowas ind er art XD

    soo, hab endlich gefragt !! XD das hotel zu dem unser apartement gehört heißt "grand house chang tee hotel"~

  13. your clothes are soo cute! love your blog!

  14. love love love your outfits!!!

    loving your new makeover box!!

  15. I like your second outfit and you did a good job with the box :)

  16. I love 2nd and 3rd outfit best! Stockings are amazing aren't they? Go with everything.

    Haha I have lots of perfumes too but I leave them all on the dresser, I'm too lazy to go hunting for them.

    Good luck on your studies~ I'm sure you'll be super great! Having cute school items help too :D

  17. Wo studierst du? Etwa in Berlin an der FU? T__T
    (da wurd ich abgelehnt, daher bin ich nun in München und fang in 'ner Woche an der LMU an x'D)

  18. Heyyy its Amelie from Ameba here!!! I don't really use Ameba anymore so i'm glad you have blogspot so I can still talk to you and follow you here <33

  19. Your clothes look great!!And the box you made is super nice!I'm sure Ayumi would appreciate it^^