☆Outfit Check + GETS + Egg Special Mag S/S12☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing? 
please don´t forget my SALE POST!
since Tuesday it´s SUMMER here in germany!!!! <3
we have 25°C~30°C everyday!!! so awesome :)
here is my outfit from Tuesday~
 Hair Ribbon: Yumetenbo
White knitted Shirt: ALTA Shinjuku
Flower Top: super old...i already had this in primary school xD...
Shorts: New Yorker
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: ALTA Shinjuku
Bag: SBY 109

i also got my new Ayu DVD and the egg special mag for Spring/Summer~~
this was one of the most beautiful concerts she ever held! and i nearly watched all of her dvds lol~ <3
 Nemoyayo!!! She is so cute and beautiful!!! <3
really greattt~ :D

on Tuesday i also received some cute letters, from my friends Simmy, Thanh Thao and Sammy!!!
THANK YOU!!! i will reply soon!!
the envelopes are so cute hehe

oh and i got my new backpack!! so many GETS this week lol
brown with flower print hehe~!! :D
today after university lessons we had a huuuuge bubble tea session at BoBoQ lol!!
 nice nice nice~~~

(i´m too tired for a proper post....lol)
thank you for all the nice comments to my previous posts!! i will reply soon!! >///<
thank you for reading <3


☆Weekend Report☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing? 
please don´t forget my SALE POST!
well, i haven´t written any entries during the last days ´cause i caught a cold last week.
gladly i´m feeling better now, because the weather at the moment is so so great!
i love summer the most hehe!!!
so let´s start with Wednesday!
this was my outfit for university
 Shirt: New Yorker
Top: SBY 109
Shorts: New Yorker
Tights: Tutuanna
Pumos: Tamaris
Bag: Diavlo

and i made curls with my hair straightener!!! and the curls really last for the whole day!!! xD i was so impressed!
i will never use my stupid curling iron again haha

when i came back home my mom bought two packages of my favourite water ice!!!
onmonmonm <3
so she saved my weekend!

in the evening i bought Ayus Power of Music Live DVD and the new special issuer of Egg!
can´t wait to receive them hehe
 on Thursday i met my friend Becci!
we decided to go to an Open Air at the old airport area!
omg but it was so so cold haha
i prepared some alc and snacks xD
we met about 15:30 and arrived about 16:00 at the venue.
because it was man´s day, even at the entrance of the park there were guys totally drunk...
every minute there came some ambulance cars lol
old landing runway~
somehow the party didn´t really start so we just sat down and talked haha
after 1.5hours we left the area ´cause it was too cold.
we went to the FroYo store haha~
while walking we saw this man´s day tractor lol
so funny~~
such a cool entrance lol~
so we reached the FroYo store called YOLI!
i ate FroYo with marshmallow, strawberry, brownie cream topping *O*
my most favourite combi hehe
after some minutes my friend Pila also came to the shop~
it was a nice day!!~
 on Friday i met my friend Eileen *o*/ <3
this was my outfit:
 Shirt: Pimkie
Shorts: Tally Weijl
Tights: Tutuanna
Pumps; Tamaris
Bag: Diavlo

we actually wanted to go shopping...but all those people...were annoying...so crowded everywhere... 
first we went to Bubble´s! somehow my 2nd home...lol
we had passion fruit flavour~ it was really good~!!!
afterwards we went to the Hackeschen Höfe~
Dream Team hahaha~
afterwards we bought paper and pencils at the shopping mall xD
we went to the japanese restaurant Makoto and actually wanted to draw a little, but it was so crowded there so we canceled our plan and just had dinner~
Miso Tori Katsu Don *3*/ <3

afterwards we decided to go back to Bubble´s....again xD
before that we sat on a bench and draw some creepy stuff lol
afterwards we met our friend Pila and went to Bubble´s again!
omg it was so funny xD
really nice daaaaay~~!!!
 on Saturday i went for a bike tour through the forest~~
it was so strenuous, but really nice.
i definitely need a new bike...this is my moms...my old one is too small lol~
first i went to a lake just 15min away from my house.
i really like it there...romantic atmosphere ~~
afterwards i passed some paddocks~
after 1.5 hours i went back home~
it was a really nice trip~
in the evening i decided to bake some cookies <3
An perfect Sunday starts with Dragon Ball Z in TV haha!
i don´t watch Anime very often, but this one is one of my favourites, ´cause i always watched it when i was a child hehe
Son-Goku was always my hero back then haha~

i actually wanted to do some stuff for university today...BUT the weather was so awesome, so i went for a bike tour again. the same route like yesterday! i guess i will every day go for a bike tour now. it´s really nice and fun :D
afterwards i relaxed at the balkony with water iceeeee, yumyum!
finally summer is here *3*/

oh and guess what!?!?!
i also have the timeline now on Facebook....omg i hate it so much!.....
this looks so stupid....
i want my old profile back ;__;
but yeah...we can´t change it....

thank you for reading!!! <3
Oh and soon i will fly to Düsseldorf for J-DAY!!!
can´t wait *o*/