☆Okonomiyaki session + news☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing???~
here comes a little weekend report~~
 on Friday i skipped university lessons and decided to go shopping instead~
i actually was looking for a present for my mom for mothers day...after searching for an hour,  i decided to buy some material for creating a photo book~
i also bought something for me as well haha
the 6th & 7th season of Columbo~ 
i guess i´m the only one who likes this haha
afterwards i bought bubble tea and went to the park~~
yoghurt lemon~ yummy!!
church in the background :D
on saturday i met my friend Anne and her husband Stefan~
 we met about 14:00 at Alexanderplatz.
afterwards we had some bubble tea and went to the asian supermarket, ´cause we need some ingredients for our Okonomiyaki session we had planned for the day :D
Afterwards we went to the FotoFix machine and made some "German Purikura" haha!
yes, in MIB3 style haha!!!
than we went to Annes and Stefans place and made Okonomiyaki!
here are some of the ingredients...and other stuff xD
(not the mochi ! haha)
Anne while frying the Okonomiyaki~
and here the results~
omg so super tasty!!! but after 3/4 of it...we were so full haha
and we had so much dough left xD
next time we will cook some curry ! 
afterwards we watched some Golden Bomber Dvd´s!!
omg Stefan bought all Dvd´s of GB!!! so awesome xD!!

they are so great! <3

i got 2 Purikura from Anne and Stefan~
they visited Japan in march :)
so i decorated my puribook with their puri and our MIB 3 picture haha
i like this page ^-^

oh and here a picture of thei rabbit Fussel!!
so cute *o*/

it was such a great day!!!
today i met my friend Maryam!
we were in the same class the last 2 years of high school!
we haven´t seen each other for 1.5 years...such a long time :(
we decided to pay the new cupcake, froyo, bubble tea store a visit!
the store is called Sweet Bubble!
 so cute!!! <3
we bought bubble tea and froyo~ and talked a lot hehe
cute Maryam!
thank you for the great afternoon!! <3
 oh since it´s may i noticed that i bough my first popteen issue 5 years ago haha!
it was in may 2007~ i noticed this mag bcause Ayu was at the cover, so i bought it xD
the old issues were so much better compared to the issues now! 
i´m really sad about that~
but yeah, that´s just my opinion ~

take care everyone!
thank you for reading!!!


  1. ahhhh, Colombo!!! Serial from my childhood!! Love him!

  2. Golden Bomber sind wirklich sehr unterhaltsam, ich liebe die XDD
    Das Okonomiyaki sieht auch sehr lecker aus <3

  3. I think the idea of a photobook for mother's day is very good, I had such a hard time thinking of something for my mom :<

    And the okonomiyaki looks very yummy too, that is a fun food to cook. Thanks for sharing all the cute photos, and I think Popteen has changed styles alot since 5 years ago haha.

  4. Okonomiyaki is the bomb *o* I haven't had it in awhile since we don't have restaurants around here that sell it and I'm too lazy to learn how to make it! I love meeting up with old friends and talking about how much we've changed >.< good times~

  5. The Okonomiyaki looks so delicious! Please teach me how to make it. I think the old popteens were better too...

  6. Der Tag war echt total toll! Uah du hast dieses grausame Foto von mir gepostet, ich sehe aus wie ein Psycho x.X @_@ xDDD
    Ui und Fussel hat auch ein Foto bekommen, hihi, wie süss! Leider geht es ihm seit gestern Abend nicht so gut, ich glaube er hat wieder zu viele Teppichfasern gezupft (immer wenn er draussen ist, fängt er irgendwann an, die Teppichfasern ausm Teppich zu ziehen und zu fressen - da muss man schnell sein und sie ihm aus der Schnute ziehen....).
    Hast du schon in die GB DVD reingeschaut die wir dir mitgegeben haben? Du musst das "Arashilied" nochmal anschauen, Kiryuuin geht am Ende so geil ab xD
    Liebe Grüße und eine tolle Woche ♥

  7. Wow, total schöner Blog.
    Hättest du lust auf gegenseitiges folgen ?
    Bin absofort deine Leserin ♥


  8. Okonomiyaki !!
    I tried making it a few years ago and I failed badly ;A: hehe

  9. wow...I miss making Okonomiyaki,too >_<

    btw,I'm having a giveaway event at my blog now if anyone interests.

  10. Oh, okonomiyaki looks good)

  11. cooking with friends? wow, that's precious! :)

  12. Hey, toller Blog!
    ich würde mich freuen, wenn du auch mal auf meinen Blog klicken würdest. Ich habe nach einer langen Blogpause wieder mit dem posten angefangen und freue mich über jede Leserin. In der nächsten Zeit wird es besonders um meinen 2monatigen USA- Aufenthalt gehen und den Lifestyle dort vor Ort. Natürlich geht es auch um Fashion, Mode und und und. Ich würde mich wirklich freuen, wenn du mal vorbei schaust und eventuell auch zu einem meiner "Stammleser" wirst. [♥] [:)]

    Über gegenseitiges Folgen und Blogvorstellungen freue ich mich natürlich auch. - mit einer kleinen Rückmeldung würdest du mich auch seeehr glücklich machen [:)]


  13. OMG!! Ich liebe diesen post! *____* YUMMY

    Btw: hab dich getäggt für 11 Fragen! ;) guck doch mal vorbei.

    Pata <3