☆Outfit Check + GETS + Egg Special Mag S/S12☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing? 
please don´t forget my SALE POST!
since Tuesday it´s SUMMER here in germany!!!! <3
we have 25°C~30°C everyday!!! so awesome :)
here is my outfit from Tuesday~
 Hair Ribbon: Yumetenbo
White knitted Shirt: ALTA Shinjuku
Flower Top: super old...i already had this in primary school xD...
Shorts: New Yorker
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: ALTA Shinjuku
Bag: SBY 109

i also got my new Ayu DVD and the egg special mag for Spring/Summer~~
this was one of the most beautiful concerts she ever held! and i nearly watched all of her dvds lol~ <3
 Nemoyayo!!! She is so cute and beautiful!!! <3
really greattt~ :D

on Tuesday i also received some cute letters, from my friends Simmy, Thanh Thao and Sammy!!!
THANK YOU!!! i will reply soon!!
the envelopes are so cute hehe

oh and i got my new backpack!! so many GETS this week lol
brown with flower print hehe~!! :D
today after university lessons we had a huuuuge bubble tea session at BoBoQ lol!!
 nice nice nice~~~

(i´m too tired for a proper post....lol)
thank you for all the nice comments to my previous posts!! i will reply soon!! >///<
thank you for reading <3


  1. So lucky to have such good weather!!!><
    It is raining here in Iceland, but hopefully we will get good weather soon!^^


  2. Dein Outfit ist echt süss ♥ Das Wetter haut mich um die letzten Tage >.<
    Nur noch eine Woche~ XDDDDDDDDDDD
    Liebe Grüße

  3. whaaa das magazin sieht echt schön aus *-* ich freu mich so darauf, dich wiederzusehen x3
    wir müssen nochmal alle bequatschen wann wir uns morgens zum puri treffen x3

  4. Dein Outfit ist echt toll <3 ^-^

    *-* Ich glaub das Egg Spezial muss ich mir auch zulegen *-* so toll <3

  5. Hey, der Brief ist da, gut! Ich hatte schon irgendwie Angst er würde nicht ankommen wiel ich ihn so komisch beschriftet hab, hahaha!

    Wenn das Wetter so bleibt bis zum Japan-Tag wirds ganz schön anstrengend... aber trotzdem schön weil ihr ja dann alle hier seid!! Ich freu mich! <3<3<3

  6. 2 weeks ago, I went to Dusseldorf and it's impressive how much you have a lot of bubble tea bar!! I'm from France, and for found one, I must to go to Paris :( You, german are lucky :p

  7. It's Summer also here in the Philippines and it's so freakin' hot that you don't wanna go out of an airconditioned room. Lol. Anyways, your outfit is cute as always! Hihi. I love the bag you bought. Floral <3


  8. Ich liebe deine Outfits!!!! So toll~

    Bei uns in der Stadt haben ungefähr 10 Bubbletea läden aufgemacht O_o Jetzt kann ich meine Sucht ausleben :D

    Liebe deine Posts♥

  9. the outfit looks really cool ^.^

  10. Just found my way to this blog...such a cute post ^__^

    I agree that Nemoyayo is such a cutie! <3


  11. Der Rucksack ist ja süß. ;3; Von welcher Marke ist der denn?

  12. What a cute summer outfit :D It's so warm here as well!

  13. Your backpack is lovely! <3 I've been after one like it for ages!

  14. lovely blog...if you want we can following each other??? http://comeduegoccedacqua.blogspot.it/

  15. Toller Post und toller Blog :]!
    Sage mal von welcher Marke ist denn der tolle Rucksack?