☆Weekend Report☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing? 
please don´t forget my SALE POST!
well, i haven´t written any entries during the last days ´cause i caught a cold last week.
gladly i´m feeling better now, because the weather at the moment is so so great!
i love summer the most hehe!!!
so let´s start with Wednesday!
this was my outfit for university
 Shirt: New Yorker
Top: SBY 109
Shorts: New Yorker
Tights: Tutuanna
Pumos: Tamaris
Bag: Diavlo

and i made curls with my hair straightener!!! and the curls really last for the whole day!!! xD i was so impressed!
i will never use my stupid curling iron again haha

when i came back home my mom bought two packages of my favourite water ice!!!
onmonmonm <3
so she saved my weekend!

in the evening i bought Ayus Power of Music Live DVD and the new special issuer of Egg!
can´t wait to receive them hehe
 on Thursday i met my friend Becci!
we decided to go to an Open Air at the old airport area!
omg but it was so so cold haha
i prepared some alc and snacks xD
we met about 15:30 and arrived about 16:00 at the venue.
because it was man´s day, even at the entrance of the park there were guys totally drunk...
every minute there came some ambulance cars lol
old landing runway~
somehow the party didn´t really start so we just sat down and talked haha
after 1.5hours we left the area ´cause it was too cold.
we went to the FroYo store haha~
while walking we saw this man´s day tractor lol
so funny~~
such a cool entrance lol~
so we reached the FroYo store called YOLI!
i ate FroYo with marshmallow, strawberry, brownie cream topping *O*
my most favourite combi hehe
after some minutes my friend Pila also came to the shop~
it was a nice day!!~
 on Friday i met my friend Eileen *o*/ <3
this was my outfit:
 Shirt: Pimkie
Shorts: Tally Weijl
Tights: Tutuanna
Pumps; Tamaris
Bag: Diavlo

we actually wanted to go shopping...but all those people...were annoying...so crowded everywhere... 
first we went to Bubble´s! somehow my 2nd home...lol
we had passion fruit flavour~ it was really good~!!!
afterwards we went to the Hackeschen Höfe~
Dream Team hahaha~
afterwards we bought paper and pencils at the shopping mall xD
we went to the japanese restaurant Makoto and actually wanted to draw a little, but it was so crowded there so we canceled our plan and just had dinner~
Miso Tori Katsu Don *3*/ <3

afterwards we decided to go back to Bubble´s....again xD
before that we sat on a bench and draw some creepy stuff lol
afterwards we met our friend Pila and went to Bubble´s again!
omg it was so funny xD
really nice daaaaay~~!!!
 on Saturday i went for a bike tour through the forest~~
it was so strenuous, but really nice.
i definitely need a new bike...this is my moms...my old one is too small lol~
first i went to a lake just 15min away from my house.
i really like it there...romantic atmosphere ~~
afterwards i passed some paddocks~
after 1.5 hours i went back home~
it was a really nice trip~
in the evening i decided to bake some cookies <3
An perfect Sunday starts with Dragon Ball Z in TV haha!
i don´t watch Anime very often, but this one is one of my favourites, ´cause i always watched it when i was a child hehe
Son-Goku was always my hero back then haha~

i actually wanted to do some stuff for university today...BUT the weather was so awesome, so i went for a bike tour again. the same route like yesterday! i guess i will every day go for a bike tour now. it´s really nice and fun :D
afterwards i relaxed at the balkony with water iceeeee, yumyum!
finally summer is here *3*/

oh and guess what!?!?!
i also have the timeline now on Facebook....omg i hate it so much!.....
this looks so stupid....
i want my old profile back ;__;
but yeah...we can´t change it....

thank you for reading!!! <3
Oh and soon i will fly to Düsseldorf for J-DAY!!!
can´t wait *o*/


  1. hehe frozen yoghurt ist echt das beste was es gibt *-* ich will es auch wieder essen*0*
    du sahst soo süß aus^^ und mein beieid wegen timeline :/ ich warte schon ängstlich wann sie es mir aufzwingen-.-

  2. ich will auch Kekse!!!!

  3. The lake looks so pretty! I haven't gone bike riding in like 5 years o.o looks like you had a fun relaxing weekend! I basically spent mine on the computer the whole time and a walk I took with my dog xD I think I like timeline better than the old interface, you can add cover photos and it's looks sleeker!

  4. OMG! I wore the same outfit like you in the first pic today! I love this Shorts *-*

  5. Schöner Eintrag! ^-^

    Ich muss auch endlich mal wieder Frozen Yoghurt essen *Q* Yum yum. ♥

    Und in den Hackeschen Höfen war ich auch schon mal. *__* Höhö. War echt schön da.

    Fahrrad fahren macht ja auch echt Spaß :) Sollte ich auch mal wieder machen. Vielleicht morgen, wenn das Wetter schön bleibt.

  6. Freut mich dass es dir schon wieder besser geht :) Wir waren übers Wochenende in unsere Heimat gefahren.
    Deine Outfits sehn toll aus, sehr hübsch!! Ich freu mich auch schon voll auf den Japantag, das wird toll! Wir müssen uns noch abstimmen wann wir uns wo treffen, damit wir gemeinsam einchecken können!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Hahaha, ich hatte in letzter Zeit auch viel zu viel Bubble Tea XD Das muss aufhören! :P

    Deine Outfits sind so toll, wenn ich wieder in JP bin wird der Tutuanna Store leergeräumt von mir XD

    Ich hoffe ich kann dich sehr bald mal besuchen kommen, ihr wohnt ja total in der Natur, voll idyllisch und so <3<3 Sorry dass wir in D'dorf mitten in der Stadt leben, mit viel Krach und Hektik :3

    Bald ist J-Tag, ich freu mich <3<3<3

  8. schöne Fotos :) bin durch die Essen-Bilder jetzt voll hungrig geworden :o

  9. Toller Blog, gegenseitiges folgen ?