☆trip to Spreewald + ESC Open Air! DANCE Baby! xD☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing???~
yesss, i had a really great weekend!!
on sunday to tuesday friends from my parents stayed at our place~~
it was really funny.
on saturday we had dinner at an awesome restaurant near my hometown!
 yummy salad
Schnitzel *o*/)) <3
rhubarb parfait with raspberry Sauce onomnomnomnom! <3
my mom reading JELLY  magazine ^o^/
on Monday i had university. i just went to the first lessons from 8-10 ´cause afterwards i went home to go together with my parents and their friends to the Spreewald (Lübben)~
we made a boat trip on the Spree~
it was really nice and the weather was super great! <3
 we´ve choosen the first one, ´cause 2 hours are more than enough haha

haha so cute :D
typical Spreewald snack~
afterwards we went to a café and ate some yummy strawberry sundaes~
onomnomnomnom~~!!! *o*
beautiful!!! <3

afterwards we went to another village called Straupitz
there was an amazing church...i´m not religios or anything but this church was really stunning!
awesome ne~?!
this is a primary school! xD...how luxurious xD!
it was a really nice dayyy! :D
on tuesday i went to the Electric Swing Club Open Air at the old airport in Berlin, together with my friend Laina!!! it was sooooooo awesome!!! <3
haha so funny xD ignore my stupid face xD
Laina and meee~ lol
the sky looked so beautiful in the evening <3
summertime is open air timeeeee ^3^/

about 21:30 we had dinner at an asian restaurant!
it was so yummy!
i had Yakitori
and an udon dish~~
i was at home about 23:45~~what a great 1st May! <3

next time i will post some magazine scans and scans of my Yui Kanno and Tsubasa photo books~
look forward to it!!! <3


  1. Wow! This seems like such a nice place to visit! : D I love the all the delicious food!

  2. Great blog !


  3. Hey there are pickles in your post today! I wrote about pickles today too! haha nice blog!