☆Outfit Check! + GETS + meet ups!☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing???~
since yesterday there is AWESOME weather in GERMANY!!!! omg, i´ve waited for this sooooo long hahaha~ i hate all those winter month..and now FINALLY early summer is hereee~ 
i´m so happy these days !!

sooo what happened during the last days?!?!?!
first of all i went to the hairdresser!
i don´t have blonde hair anymore!!!
i changed it to a nice brown color~~
how do you like itttt??? :D
On Friday after University Eileen and me went shopping!!!~
this was my outfit!!
 Blouse: INGNI
Dress: Yesstyle - Random
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: Creepers- TUK
my inspiration for this outfit came from popteens May issue~
really comfy outfit~  

first we met Pila and had some bbt~~~
afterwards Eileen and me went to the Neotokyo~~
i bought a new magazine...again haha
this time it´s Jelly´s May issue!!
Ayu is at the cover!! <3
 i will post some scans later!~
than we went back to Alexanderplatz again and looked for some new clothes~
i found 2 new shirts!!
 i saw this the last time i went shopping with Anne, but somehow it was too big...but i decided to tie it up a little at the sides so that it will fit better~ the sizes are really weir...it´s a S...and it´s too big lol~ there was no XS though...
i really love the lace attached at the upper part of the shirt!!! so cute~
 Eileen and meee~  i´m so tall ;A; 
after shopping went to McD for some ice cream~
we went to Hackescher Markt, sat on a bench and leafed through our magazines~
about 21:15 we decided to go to bubbles, ´cause it was getting cold~
we shared a red guava bubble tea~
about 22:00 Bubbles had to close, so we left the store haha~
i accompanied Eileen to her subway station, afterwards i went back to my station~~
i guess i was at home about 23:30~
it was a really nice day!!! thank you ^3^/
Today i met my friend Becci!!!~
This was my outfit~~
Shirt: Pimkie
Shorts: Selfmade
Boots: Offbrand ( I actually wore chucks with lace socks)
we met about 14:30 and decided to go shopping~ :D
i didnßt bought anything though haha~
but Becci found some nice things!
we made some FotoFix pics haha
there was MIB3 Theme xD so funny!!!~
(Purikura would be better, though haha)
afterwards we went to Friedrichstraße~~
we had some yummy FroYo~
red fruit jelly, strawberry and marshmallow topping!! *3*/ onomnomnomnom~

afterwards we went to the Museumsinsel~
omg compared to Becci i´m sooo white ;A;
I´m a ghost ;o;
emo pic lol~
epic chucks~~~

Thank you Becci for this awesome dayyyy!!!!~~ <3


  1. Aww Samantha Thavasa Taschen, ich will auch *,*
    Dein Outfit heute sieht voll süss aus, die Söckchen sind toll ♥
    Deine neue Haarfarbe steht dir echt gut, gefällt mir sehr gut! Und ich dachte grad schon "Na das Shirt kennst du doch?!" Schön, dass du es noch in deiner Größe gefunden hast :)
    Die MIB Puris sind ja geil xD Mein Mann sagt grad, dass es die bei uns in der Greifswalder Straße auch geben soll, da muss ich auch mal hin ^.^
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Uwaa! I so love your outfits! :-D


  3. Good outfits - i like them ^*^

  4. I love that cross tee. I need it in my life!
    great blog, hope you can check out mine!

  5. your outfits are very cute!!! *w*

  6. Was für tolle Bilder!! :) Ich hab den MIB Automat auch entdeckt hier bei mir, jetzt muss ich nur jemanden finden der mit mir hingeht!! :))

  7. Such pretty pics! Haha, I'm super pale compared to my friends too... But I think it's cute, it makes you look like a doll!

  8. deine neue haarfarbe sieht so supi aus ♥

  9. ah egg mag !!!!! cute shoes and socks !!!

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