☆Shibuya + Kichijôji☆


yesterday i went to Shibuya with Eileen :D
this was my outfit~~~
 hat: wonder rocket
top: Bye Bye
shirt: clif de soil
skirt: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
shoes: offbrand
bag: SBY 109
first we went to the Disney Store *3*/
sticker and cinderella stamp~ *o*
afterwards we went to shakeys for Pizza Tabehôdai!! <3
 Yamapi advertising *o*/

afterwards we went to 109 to buy new make up <3
damn, i spent 3000Yen just for make and nail stuff wwww~
nice nice~
 today i met Ryo in Kichijôji~
my outfit:
hat: Wonder Rocket
dress: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
boots: off brand
bag: SBY 109

we went to a nice café :D
Panda Latte Art <3
so cute :D
so pretty :D
it was a nice afternoon ^-^
when i came back, i met Eileen at Starbucks~
it was a nice day ^-^


☆Christmas in Tokyo☆

I hope everyone of you spent a wonderful Christmas ^-^
Yesterday my friend and me decided to go to Ueno and Yokohama :D
first of all  we took some Purikura in Shinjuku~
afterwards we went to Ueno and looked for a place for lunch :D
huge christmas tree at Ueno Station
we ended up at Pepper Lunch and had yummy Steak hahaha
After the war...hahaha
 cute Eileen :D
Ueno and Yamanote Line :D
afterwards we went to the Ueno Park~~
huge Pandachan at Yodobashi kamera *o*

than we went back to the station ^-^
it´s sad to see all the homeless people in Ueno...especially on Christmas U__U

well, afterwards we went to Odaiba~ 
omg, it was so so soooo cold X___X
Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower :D <3
promotion for the new One Piece movie haha
Starbucks time!! <3
than we went to Zepp Tokyo~~
there was held an AnCafe Concert this day~ we saw so many fans haha
actually we wanted to go to the Tokyo Tower but it was tooooo cold, so we decided to go back home~~
we bought some short cakes in the super market and in odaiba we found Rum! so we had a nice Christmas After Show Party hahaha~
yummyyyyyyyy~ <3

i hope you had also a super nice christmas like me ^-^
i was glad to spent it with my best friend <3 :D
we had so much fun!!