☆Okonomiyaki & Illuminatoin in Tachikawa + Christmas Party + new GAL mag☆


How are you doing?!?!
oh i really don´t post that much lately....university was really stressful the last weeks and we didn´t went to much places in or around Tokyo the last weeks~
but now i have winter vacation finally!!!! so i hope i will meet many friends and do some nice trips~
well, yesterday we went with some members of our circle to Tachikawa for eating Okonomiyaki and watching Christmas Illumination~
 sooooo yummy!!!!
afterwards we went to a park for watching illumination :D
so so beautiful!!!
hot spiced wine *__________* <3
cute Eileen :D
group picture :D
it was a nice event ^-^
afterwards Eileen and me went back home and joined the Christmas at our Dorm~~
we had a lot of fun
about 01:00 Yusuke, Eileen and me went to Karaoke until 5:00~~
we sang a lot :D
thank youuuu ^-^

 on Friday i received my concert ticket for Ayumi Hamasakis CDL on 31.12.!!! *________*
thanks to my friend Nozomu who helped me buying it ^-^/))
can´t wait to see Ayu live!!! ;_____; <3

i also found a new GAL mag which i really fell in love with!!!
one of the main models is Yui Kanno!!!
so i had to buy it haha
 Yui!!!! <3
can´t wait for the next issue <3

 MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!!! <3


  1. merry christmas
    wonderful decoration, i love reindeer (*゚ー゚)ゞ

  2. The lights are just beautiful. *_*
    I hope you'll have a great Christmas time! :D

  3. So hübsche Bilder, da komme ich gleich in Weihnachtsstimmung. *Q*
    Viel Spaß bei dem Live von Ayu, das wird sicher toll. Sie ist eine so talentierte und süße Frau. <33
    Und ein schönes Weihnachten~

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos! And thanks for sharing a bit of your magazine, too! Merry Christmas :-)


  5. Oooooooooooh so schöne Bilder (*//////*) Ich will auch die ganzen Lichter sehen*0*
    Das Magazin sieht toll aus, mit so viel Yui*0*
    Liebe Grüße<3
    ps: kannst du mir vll bald ein teil von canmake schicken? (>//<) nur wenns geht <3

  6. how exciting!!!, an Ayumi Hamasaki concert, enjoy it!!!

  7. merry christmas *_*

    Und wunderschöne Bilder mal wieder *_*

  8. Das Okonomiyaki sieht voll lecker aus :3 Müssen wir auch mal wieder machen :)
    Das Magazin sieht gut aus!
    Liebe Grüße

  9. das gal mag sieht richtig gut aus!! <3