☆KoGal outfit + new GETS + circle lenses + ....☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing???キスマーク
Thank you
again for all those lovely comments to my previous post ドキドキ
!!Thank you for 376 FOLLOWERS!!! ドキドキキスマークドキドキ
ラブラブI´m so Happyラブラブ
soooo what happened in the last daysはてなマーク
i received my circle lenses and i also got my cute travel case for them!!!目ドキドキ
bad quality picture...i´m sorry....しょぼん汗
my new clothes arrived for the LBM!!!叫びラブラブ
the skirt, ribbon and also the cardigan! ラブラブ!チョキ
so i will look like this on the final day hehe にひひ音譜
but i can´t decide which skirt i should wear...the grey or red one あせる
i also ordered new extensions!!! i hope they will arrive in time!!! ラブラブ美容院
last week i received a package from my lovely friend Taerim!!!ドキドキキスマーク
so great things!!!ラブラブ!
here are some close upsアップ
so many Holika Holika cosmetics!!!! ラブラブ口紅ネイル
yummy food!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!ラブラブ!キスマーク
lately Marion, Jules and me had fun at the place before the huge dome haha にひひ
and also at ´Bubble´s´ ドキドキ

since it´s march i want to show you the new picture of my ayu calenderドキドキ
it´s so beautiful!!!!ラブラブ
on Friday we met the exchange students from our partner university in Tokyo.叫びラブラブ
the whole weekend we had several events in Berlin.
on Saturday we visited a church and a chocolate museum. ラブラブ
on the way i also bought some new overknee socks  アップ
grey and brown ones 音譜

afterwards we had the chance to go to the top of the huge dome and had a great view over Berlin

in the evening we went to Bubbles. カクテルグラス
on Sunday we visited a famous museum 音譜
this was my outfit for the dayワンピースアップ
cardigan: H&M
dress: Liz Lisa
belt: random store @ SBY109-2
Socks: ZARA
boots: offbrand
accessoires: Fossil

in the evening i went to an awesome exhibition together with Marion ラブラブ
it was called Proto Anime Cut アップ

there were original drawings presented from super famous anime studios like Studio 4°C!!!叫び
Marion and me were really impressed!!!目音譜
lately i started writing letters to my pen pals again!!!ドキドキキスマーク
please everyone wait a little longer あせる
i have to finish buying the last presents カバン女の子
sooo that´s it for today!!! ニコニコ please take care everyone キスマーク