☆Ageha + Popteen Scans April 2014☆

Hello Hello
how are you doing??~
yesterday i met my lovely friends Anne and Stefan and their baby boy Naoki *o*
we took some puri hehe
 i had to cover his face, but he is really soooo cute >///<
last time one of my readers requested some scans from april issues of Popteen and Ageha !
so here are the things i liked the most!
first Popteen!
(click on the image to enlarge!)
left issue is my very first Popteen issue from April 2007 haha
so i am addicted to Popteen since my early high school years lol seven years passed since than~ back than i just bought the magazine because Hamasaki Ayumi was the cover girl lol~
so in the April issue you might already heard that Dakota Rose is now a regular Model for Popteen....well...i actually don´t care about her, but in my opinion her style,etc. doesn´t match with Popteen....so i hope she will quit soon and goes to another magazine instead lol
but here are some scans, that you can see~
and here the pages i liked :

 and now the Ageha likes:
okkkk, that´s it :D~~
the quality is really bad, i am sorry >< i just used my phone for taking the pics :(

 oversized sweater and liz lisa skirt pants~~ super comfy *3*/
i hope the weather will be more sunny in the next days, i really want to make a picknick hehehe

thank you for reading!!! <3
bye bye <3


☆Outfit Post +Gets + Cherry Blossoms☆

Hello Hello

how are you doing??~

yesterday i met my friend Eileen and her mom~
this was my outfit:
 haha sailor style :D
Sailor cardigan: Estacot
school cardigan: Fancy Pocket
lace top: Yesstyle
tights: Tutuanna
boots: offbrand
bag: Diavlo

we just did some sightseeing~
nice sunset :D

today i bought new magazines~
April issue of Popteen and Ageha~
haven´t bought Ageha since 2008 lol
afterwards i met my friend Olaf~ we went to an Asian garden to take some pictures :D
i like the last picture the most ^-^/

oh, i decorated my mirror with some purikura which i took during the last years~
i really like the result ^^

bye bye and thank you for reading!!! <3


☆Outfit Post☆

Hello Hello
how are you doing??~
this time it´s just a quick outfist post ^-^/
here are two outfits from last week:
 beret: H&M
necklace: Diavlo
shirt: d.i.a.
belt: d.i.a.
pants: Cotton On
boots: off brand
bag: Diavlo

headband: Paris Kid´s
dress: Cryx
boots: off brand
bag: Diavlo

today i met Eileen~
this was my outfit:
cardigan: Wonder Rocket
dress: Tralala
tights: Tutuanna
pumps: Tamaris
bag: Diavlo
coat: MA*RS Replica

we went a little shopping~
i just bought a new charm for my cell phone :D
isn´t it cuuuuteeee? hehehe
my little yellow bird has a friend now hehehe
in the afternoon we had cake at our favourite café ^-^
this is the best cake ever lol <3

oh, and i also received the stickers for decorating my plain white polaroid photos!! so with this i can make them cuter hehe
 the designs are really nice ^-^

Thank you for reading!!!!! <3