☆Outfit Post + Gets + Purikura + Amusement Park☆

Hello Hello
how are you doing??~
omg i am so busy, i don´t have time to post very much...T__T
i have summer vacation now, but i am just working or traveling haha
first of all here are two outfit snaps of the last week!
 i really like this outfit, the dress is so nice *^* <3 unfortunately it´s a little too big haha
dress + beld: DreamV
cardigan: random store in Harajuku
wedge sandals: offbrand

this was my make up and hair style this day:
little embarrassing, cause normaly i don´t post pictures of my face haha (except purikura lol) but i really liked the hair style ^^

another outfit was this sailor outfit:
dress: DreamV
bag: Liz Lisa
socks: Tutuanna
shoes: Street21

tomorrow i´ll travel to the baltic sea, so i think i will wear it hehe


i went shopping with my friend Eileen last Thursday! 
first we had lunch at "Hashi Izakaya"
(thanks to one of my lovely readers, i will soon write about different nice places for lunch/dinner or shopping ^o^ can´t wait to show you all my favourite places in Berlin!!)
salmon bento!! so yummy ^O^/

afterwards we went shopping!
i bought the new Royz album and a new dress at my favourite boutique *^*/ <3
so great >v< <3 can´t wait to go to one of their concerts again hehe
and the new dress! i realy like the golden chain hehe

afterwards we took some purikura!!! hehe
i really like the result ^-^/

in the evening we had some bubble tea! omg it´s been 4 month since we went there the last time lol
yummyyyy~ ^-^

last week i spent some time at my grandmas place!
my dad and me went to a nearby amusement park during our stay hehe
last time i visited this park, was at the age of 10....the park really changed during those 13 years lol...
here are some pictures ^-^
the entrance...
and the park mascot haha
 the dinosaur attraction was so much fun haha

 cute merry go round...
... in the tower of Rapunzel hehe
 me at the shooting stall lol
 roller coaster!!! yayyyy~ i really liked this one, cause there was no loop haha

unhealthy lunch *^*/
 another merry go round hehe <3

 yummy waffles nomnom

it was such a fun day hehe
thanks to my dad!!! <3 *^*/

here are some other pics of my stay at my grandmas place!

i like taking pics of nature hehe

did you already see the new cover of Popteen??
Kumicky is again the cover girl, because of her graduation ;o;

i really like the color theme for this month cover!
can´t wait to get it ^-^
thank you for reading!! <3
tomorrow i will go on vacation to the baltic sea!! 
see you later hehe

 ohhhh i want a Yukata-Date as well!! haha
this pic is so cute ^^

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 thank you <3


☆Outfit Post + Gets + Football World Cup 2014 Champion☆


Hello Hello

how are you doing??~
finally i have time to write a new post :D
i had to work on FR and SA, so this was my outfit today~~
i visited my grandma after work <3
 dress: random store at Shinjuku ALTA
belt: dreamV
bag: Assecorize
shoes: offbrand

well,  Germany won the Football World Cup!!!!
i went to a public viewing place in my hometown together with my sister :D
 last time cheering for the German team :D
we were soooo happyyyyyy hehehe
Klose holding the award *^*/ <3
on Tuesday i had my last exam in university....and fortunately i passed with the first try lol! i am so glad <333 afterwards i went straight to the Fanmeile in Berlin! it was sooooo crowded....so we were standing at the end of the super long street lol...

we took some videos of the screen, when the sovver team arrived at the stage....1km away lol....but it was worth it :D
 i am so proud of the German Team hehe :)
it was a wonderful time!!!

on the next day i met my friend Eileen!
we had lunch at Hashi-Izakaya!
i love teriyaki salmon *O* <333
and omg, i fell in love with this "sexy lemonade" lol  so so good X___X <3

afterwards we went to the Vivienne Westwood store in Berlin!
i actually wanted to buy a black wallet, but the design i wanted was not available :(((
here are some other pictures!
unfortunately i don´t like the checkered design this much >o<

at Neotokyo i got a super cute big Rilakkuma box *W*
i want to buy much more cute stuff for my room xDDD <3

in the afternoon we had some dessert
belgian waffle with strawberries and ice cream!!! OMG, so so yummy *____* <3

thank you for reading!!! <3333
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bye bye ^-^/))