☆TOKYO - Day 11☆07.30☆

today, finally, we started our sightseeing tour haha
we went to the Yoyogi park about 1:00pm and visited the Meiji shrine.
here are some pictures:

that´s the view from a bridge and on the right side there is the national yoyogi gymnasium. today there is the concert from Tegomass...we saw from far away the J.Ent. sign haha
we went to the LAFORET again.
Yune-chan with some j-rock magazines.
Angelic Pretty
we went to the Takeshita-Dori and ate an original Harajuku crépe
hinestly i have to say....the same ones from PomPom in Berlin taste much better!  the ones from Harajuku taste a bit boring....well maybe we bought them at a bad crépe stall...
in the side streets we´ve found another SexPot Revenge store
next to that was another small visu store and the shop assistant was so so cute!!!!
afterwards we went to Shibuya and took a rest beside the Hachiko statue.
omg, Shibuya is full of hot guys lol  every second walks some nice guy by haha
THIS was the hottest one ever!!!!
just from behind haha, but his face looked also so good with his huge sun glasses ....and he has a nice butt lol
we went through the streets and saw some other cute guys hehe 2 guys from a band! really cute. we thought they were a couple hehe
Shibuya @ night
afterwards we went back to Ikebukuro and visited a big drugstore near the Sunshine City
Yune bought hair color from PALTY....Tsubasa is on the box hehe
we went back to the hotel and i colored Yune´s hair....now they are golden blond.

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