☆TOKYO - Day 12☆07.31☆

today around 11:00 am Yume and her friend Ikue came to our hotel.
also Ikue is such a kind and cute girl. ^-^/
all of us went to Shinjuku.
first of all we made Purikura hehe *~*/
afterwards we went to the OIOI shopping centre!!!! waaaah an OIOI full of lolita, punk and visu stores!!!
me, Yune, Ikue and Yume
gloomy bear wall
finally we´ve found a Baby the Stars shine Bright store!!!
and La Parfait
afterwards we went to the BIC CAMERA store and i bought a new SD Card for my camera. first there were some problems but now it works. Yay! ^o^/
 than we went to a drugstore and Yune bought new hair color because she doesn´t like the color which we dyed by yesterday.
then we went to a japanese restaurant
 Yune with her mask for the hanabi- fireworks display hehe <3
we ate Okonomiyaki. therefore we got a bowl of raw ingredients which must be mixed and fryed at the table on the hot plate.
 Yune and Ikue made the food and we watched hehe
it was so so delicious!!!
i hope the restaurant staff will get it clean haha
in the meanwhile there was a traditional festival on the streets.
Yume told us that the dance which was danced by the people on the streets is actually one from Okinawa.*0*/
at the train station we saw a Gyaru in a Kimono. *Q*/
she looked so pretty!!! i want such a Kimono too. i love the design. <3
afterwards the plan was to go to the Tokyo Tower, but Yune wanted to color her hair...so everyone came to our hotel and waited in our room until she was ready with dying her hair.
arw it was so embarassing for me, because everyone must wait in our super small (and messy) room....
Ikue brought a friend too, his name was...Ban?! i´m not sure anymore, so it was much more uncomfortable.
after an hour Yune´s hair was caramell brown. it´s very pretty.
the guy at the reception from the hotel made a photo from all of us
we went to the Ikebukuro station and Ikue and her friend said good bye to us...
we were really irritated because we thought they came with us to the hanabi but they had to go home.
so they came all the way to the hotel and just hang around in our hotel room...i´m so sorry again!!!
they also wanted to go to the Tokyo Tower...but the plan failed...
well so we went to the hanabi together with Yume-chan.
at the station there we met Yume´s friend Aya, her friend Wilma and other guys.
we were a huuuuuuuge group of crazy people haha
the district were the hanabi was located was so so beautiful
there were palms and everything looked so pretty
we arrived and there were so many people and food stalls
we ate chocolate bananas
and strawberry crépe
it was a crépe with strawbwerry jam and cornflakes!! so yummy hehe
about 7:00pm the fireworks display started
we left the hanabi and went to the coast promenade
this was our gang haha
Yume and Aya bouhgt some ice cream at LAWSON
we reached the promenade
the boys tried to ignite sparklers for 30 minutes haha
than they did it and the light glow for just 20 seconds lol
during this action the fireworks display ended and we went back to the station....it was such a looooooooong way!!! >A<
we took the same train like Wilma, and we arrived around 11:00 pm at the hotel.


  1. .. zuerst einmal danke fürs beobachten meines blogs ! das beruht nun auf gegenseitigkeit hoho~

    dein blog gefällt mir ! ich liebe reise-blogs ! im dezember bin ich mit freunden auch in tokio und zähle jetzt bereits die tage.
    tolle bilder hast du geschossen ! I'M WATCHING YOU haha <3

  2. uh dein blog gefällt mir!
    reisetagebücher sind eben doch das interessanteste XD

    könntest du so lieb sein und mir verraten welche haarfarbe deine freundin verwendet hat?
    ich suche schon so lange nach einer farbe die meine haare caramellbraun macht ;x;

  3. @ゆーり ❤
    da ich irwie auf deinen blog net komm, antworte ich dir mal. ich hoffe du liest es überhaupt ^^°
    also danki erstmal für deinen lieben kommi <3
    meine freundin hat eine haarfarbe von ´Palty´ benutzt, um ihre haare karamellfarben zu bekommen.
    ->1. reihe, die in der rosa verpackung (promoted by Tsubasa Masuwaka)
    die haarfarben in japan haun richtig rein!
    da kannst du auch von schwarz auf blond färben und das klappt auch gleich haha xD
    will net wissen was die da alles reinmixen haha
    lg <3 und danke fürs lesen ^^