☆TOKYO - Day 14☆08.02☆

today we met Yume, Aya, Maika and Miyuki about 10:15 am at Sakura Hotel.
we went to Ueno all together!!
there we went to a huuuuuuuuge toy shop!!
there were so many cute things from SANRIO and SAN-X!!! arw love love!!

we went along the streets. Ueno is such a nice and traditional district. i really liked it there.
we ate ice cream at a doner kebap haha
haha the guy was so funny lol
chocolate soft creme <3
afterwards we visited a games hall and made Purikura!!! 
haha we were so many people in such a small automat
i also tried the UFO Catcher but it´s soooooooo difficult >A<°
ah at a drugstore i bought new lip balm from SHISEIDO and the sales woman told me i´m so cute and beautiful haha i felt better in just a second lol
afterwards we went to MISTER DONUT.
we ate mini donuts!! so cute
and all of my friends there hehe
(from left: Yune, Miyuki, Aya, Yume, Maika)
we didn´t had so much time because we wanted to go to the Tokyo Tower, so our friends showed us the way to the TT and we said good bye to everyone.
we also got a little farewell present from Yume.<3

we arrived at the station near the Tokyo Tower
 we saw a picture of Oliver Kahn at a gas station haha
Volkswagen haha xD

there was also a shrine at the tower
we went back to the ground and on the 1st floor was a toy shop with Stitch hehe
advertising for the Tokyo Tower in front of the building
in front of the TT was a little show with a cute monkey hehe
and here some crépe advertising in front of the TT
afterwards we went back to the hotel and packed our bags
we also got the information for the train connection to the Narita airport
today we watched German lesson in TV!!!
too funny haha
at night we went from one Kombini to another and were looking for new hair color.
because Yune wanted to dye her hair once more haha
at every corner we saw hot hosts haha
we wanted to cross the street and behind us i heard an unclear ´wow´or something.
i thought it´s just an old man and than Yune told me to turn around and than 4 super hot guys went by....arwww i just saw them from the back!! so they noticed us and i didn´t...>A<
well...whatever haha
finally we found hair color- it´s a super dark brown.
i hope she´ll like it now hehe
oh btw, i love Van Houten Cocoa!!! so yummy
we went back to the hotel.
at the reception we lent a weight balance for our bags haha
my case weighs 23kg!!! and i´m allowed to take 23kg with me...

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