☆TOKYO - Day 13☆08.01☆

today we woke up really early again because we wanted to meet up with Ikue about 9:45am at Omotesando station. but there were some misunderstandings and we didn´t found each other. -____-°
she wrote a message via Facebook to us but i couldn´t check it in the morning....>o<
so after waiting for an hour we changed plans and went to Akihabara.
from the station we saw a crowded place....
...there was an event where some girls in cosplays watered the road....really weird lol
we went to McD and ate Teriyaki Burger....we had the feeling that the people in Akihabara stared at us much more than they normally do...weird...
after eating we went along the road and saw many people with huge Anime bags.
in front of a big building were some guys who told us to go in. so we went into the house and now we knew where the Anime bags came from. 
 the guys at the first flow guided us to a corner for queing up.
we were really irritated because we just saw boys and just one girl ....haha
we entered the main room and a staff guy gave us a paper. we had to make a cross at the things we want to buy!!! so we knew...we won´t get something for free lol  so we gave him the paper back and went back to the escalator...  we laughed so much about our stupid action haha because we were at the 2nd floor i decided to take some pictures.

the girl has a Piyoko backpack!!! so cute *0*/

here are some other pictures from Akihabara:
i really disliked this district....the people stared at us sooo much....it felt really uncomfortable....
afterwards we went to Asakusa!!!
finally we reached the Asakusa Kannon temple!!!! waaah it was so so pretty!!! i love the architecture so much. *3*/
Asakusa is such a nice district!!! i wish i had seen more of it but we went back because Yune didn´t felt very well,  walking is strenous...i was tired too haha
this was on the way to the metro. 2 old barrows.
aaaand advertising with Yamapi was everywhere in the metro and railway system xD
on the way back we stopped in Shibuya and went to the Shibuya 109
i bought the spray for curls which is promoted by JUN hehe
arw and Ayu models for Rimmel make up!!
afterwards we went back to the hotel and relaxed lol
in the evening we went to the east side of Ikebukuro and made Purikura.
at the drugstore i bought cosmetics, fake eyelashes, hair spray and much more for about 5300Yen!!!(53€)
omg...i bought so much haha
then we went to Sunshine City.
on the way back a guy talked to us, that he is looking for friends and moved to Tokyo just some days ago bla bla....we told him we leave Tokyo in 2 days and than he said good bye lol
we went back to the west side and there was a little event haha
in the evening we started packing our suitcases ;_________;
i don´t want to go back...


  1. Hey NeNe!!!

    Danke fürs adden!! Ich hab dich gleich wieder erkannt! :-) War in letzter Zeit gar nicht mehr bei Poupee... wie gehts dir drüben?? Schade dass du nicht später nach J kommst, da hätten wir uns mal treffen können! :-))

    Bis bald und lg

  2. xDDD yepp.. yepp.. Yamapi everywhere ♥
    hab das bild gerade gefunden, bei der Googlesuche :p

    xxx Berenike