☆TOKYO - Day 15☆08.03☆

arwwww today was our last day in TOKYO!!!!!! Q________Q
we woke up about 05:45 am !!! our flight back to Germany departed at 11:05 am....T____T°
I packed the last things into my luggage! omg...my bag is soooo heavy!!! 23kg!
my hand luggage includes my white hand bag, and the TRALALA bag, full of 5kg Flyers from the bands haha
so i carry 33kg with me....lol
i also made some pictures of our hotel room in the end.

it was a very small room!! we didn´t had any wardrobe or something like that haha 
and the super small bath room lol

we left the hotel 7:00 am and went to the Ikebukuro station.
in front of the Sakura Hotel entrance
i will miss it so much!!!!
haha something cute and funny happened on the way! we went with our super heavy luggage to the evelator which transfered us to the underground. we stand in front of the traffic lights and we saw a cute guy behind us who has watched us the whole time. we went to the evelator and the guy went to the next street corner. he watched us the whole time and then he turned around and came to us haha
all of us went into the small evelator and he started talking with us!!! arw he was really cute! i told him we went back bla bla....the evelator arrived at the ground, we got off and the guy said good bye and he went back upstairs again lol!!! so funny xD he just wanted to talk to us! arwww why does something like that just happen at the last day???!!! so sad! because he was a normal guy and not a host, which talked normally to us buhuhuhu
so we went to the Yamanote line BUT to reach the platform we had to carry our heavy luggage about 3 huge stairs!!!! we were really desperate!! 10000 people went by and after 10 minutes a nice business man helped me carrying my bag! in the meantime i helped Yune.
so we arrived the platform yay!
after 5 minutes our train arrived....a very CROWDED train....arggghhh
so we entered the wagon....it was kind of embarassing haha
we went off at Nippori station....AND we had to carry our bags again about 2 stairs...annoying...and nobody came to help this time....
well the next thing was buying a train ticket to the Narita Airport....i thought it would be difficult but in the end it was super easy.
we went to the platform and waited for our train.
our train arrived at 08:18 am
it was the Keisei Skyliner!
it was a great ride haha i nearly fell asleep lol
here are some pictures
we arrived at Naria Airport about 9:00am. so we had enough time for searching the correct gate and check-in. therefore i asked some people and they told us we fly by JAL and not AirFrance! YES haha!
we went to the check-in and my bag weighed 23,4kg!!! but they didn´t say anything! phew~
i had breakfast at the airport....i ate a Mc Muffin!!! haha it looked so cute
oh and that was the check-in hall
first we got tickets with different seating areas.....but shortly before entering the aircraft we got tickets with seating numbers side by side. yay!
the japanese aircrafts are much better! we had a better TV in front of our TV and better movies and music hehe
finally i could watch GOKUSEN- The Movie!!! omg i was so so happy haha
Kame and Miura took part in this movie!!!! so so awesome hehe <3
Kame -> LOVE *3*/ <3
well...afterwards we received our first meal 
it was lunch
meatballs and rice, melon pudding, salad and fish.
then some hours later we got a snack
cheese roll and coke
than we got dinner...
(we got so much to eat....@____@°)

we arrived in Paris about 4:00pm and changed aircrafts to Berlin
at 8:30pm we arrived safely in Berlin, Germany.
while waiting for our bags haha
our parents were already there for picking us up
a nice sunset welcomed us
It was a wonderful trip to the land which i have dreamed of, for 10 years!
thanks to my parents who made my dream come true!
And also a big thanks to my very best friend Yune-chan! luv ya <3
we had a great time!
THAT was my room after 30 mins when I arrived at home!!! haha


  1. omg...wenn ich deine einträge so les werd ich immer nervöser...♥ mein 1. mal japan kommt auch immer näher
    schon grob wenn man so lange darauf wartet wie wir, haha~

    danke für die ganzen schönen bilder!

  2. .. dem schließe ich mich an ! finde deine einträge sehr gut. schön detailliert und viele bilder <3

    bin auch schon ganz nervös..