☆TOKYO - !!!Shopping Goods!!!☆

today i´ve finished writing the last entries of my trip to Tokyo ドキドキチョキ  
i hope you´ve enjoyed the crazy and funny things we´ve experienced there!! ニコニコラブラブ
so today i want to show you the 100000000 things which i´ve bought during my stay in Tokyo アップリボン
i´m sure you want to know hehe

1st of all my beloved LIZ LISA clothes!!!ラブラブ!ドキドキ
1.hoodie (Harajuku)
2. T-Shirt (Harajuku)
3. mini skirt (Harajuku)
4. wallet (Ikebukuro- OIOI)
5. cell phone case (Harajuku-got for free)

my 2nd favourite brand is TRALALA
1. super cute T-Shirt with an awesome print (Shibuya 109)
2. the candy shirt came together with the top (Shibuya 109)

3rd favourite brand: BLUE MOON BLUE 星空三日月星空
1. shorts with an awesome print (Shibuya 109)
2. a matching shirt (Shibuya 109)

1. i bought this dress in Harajuku and it was really popular there haha
2. the belt is from Shibuya 109-2
3. super lovely dungarees with frills (Harajuku)
4. super lovely pajamas with ribbons and frills and a print with little hearts (Harajuku)
5. lovely shorts with laces and flower print at the waistband (Harajuku)
6. light blue denim high waist skirt with suspenders (Harajuku)
7. pajamas designed by Jun Komori!!! ラブラブチョキ so so cute (Shibuya 109)
8. lovely top, actually bought for LEX (Shibuya)

*゚ ゜゚* ☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚* 
1. fabulous hoodie with a kind of Alice in Wonderland print at the back (Harajuku - LAFORET)

1. lovely shirt with frills, a faboulus print and a crossed halter neck with a rose (Harajuku)
2. floral printed dress with ribbons and laces (Harajuku)

SEX POT REVENGE & h.Naoto blood
1. Sex Pot Revenge shirt - good for concerts (Shinjuku)
2. h.Naoto blood shirt with cute frills (Shinjuku)

the GazettE
1. the GazettE tour shirt - 2010.07.23  Budokan Tokyo



1. white hand bag (Shibuya 109)
2. LIZ LISA wallet (Ikebukuro)
3. LIZ LISA cell phone case (Harajuku)
1. KAT-TUN cell phone charm (Harajuku)
2. necklaces by Paris Kids (Harajuku)
3. hair ribbons by SBY (Shibuya 109)
4. other stuff by The Daiso (Harajuku)
 1st row:
1. Happy Bath Day Shampoo
2. HairSpray
3. Curling Spray by Jun Komori ラブラブチョキ
4. mini hair straightener
5. Palty hair color promoted by Tsubasa Masuwaka ラブラブ

2nd row:
1. Dolly Wink EyeLashes No. 4 by Tsubasa Masuwaka ラブラブ
2. Dolly Wink black liquid Eyeliner by Tsubasa Masuwaka ラブラブ
3. Palty light brown eyebrow color promoted by Yui Kanno ラブラブ
4. NIVEA watering effect lip balm

3rd row:
1. light brown eyebrow color
2. cover stick by Canmake
3. lip boost by Canmake
4. eyelashes
5. lower eyelashes
6. eyelash glue
7. lip balm by SHISEIDO

1. close up - mini hair straightener with battery (Shibuya 109)



 CAMPUS and My Melody notebooks, letter paper, stickers, MONO erasers, Kiki & Lala appointment book,...

1. Miss Bunny towels and pencil case.
2. mirrors and a belt (ACDC-Harajuku)  for my friends


 1. Popteen issue 07, 08, 09 ドキドキニコニコ
DVD´s & CD´s

1. DVD KAT-TUN Live Kaizokuban (Ikebukuro)
2. DVD KAT-TUN Break the Records (Shibuya)
3. DVD Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live 09-10 (Ikebukuro)
4. DVD AnCafé - Finale of NYAPPY (Ikebukuro)
5. CD Golden Bomber - Golden Hour~Kamihanki Best 2010 (Harajuku)
6. CD Piece - Bird (Harajuku)
(my most favourite singer hehe)
1. Uchiwa bought at the KAT-TUN concert 2010.07.24 Tokyo Dome
2. letter paper
3. buton
4. official photos from J.E.


For my friend KOKO-chan
 1. NEWS Uchiwa, letter paper, button, photos, ball pen, Pacific Tour DVD and Yamapi´s new single ´One in a Million´

bye bye


  1. Ich bin SO NEIDISCH(!) xD
    Das sind so wunderschöne Kleider und Assecoires und T-Shirts Q__Q

  2. Ich flieg im Dezember ♥ Bin momentan noch am rumjobben um dort gut Geld ausgeben zu können xD Ich beineide dich btw sehr um das KAT-TUN Konzert ♥

  3. Hey! Ich habe deinen Blog per Zufall gefunden^^ ich mag dein Style und bin echt neidisch auf deinen trip nach Tokyo! I will follow you^^

  4. Ich flieg ja auch (hahah Mutsumi) im Dezember XD
    und omg ich werde einfach ganz Harajuku leer kaufen =D
    Unglaubliche Sachen eh *Q*

  5. .. ich flieg mit den beiden freaky shia und mutsumi (und noch anderen freaks XDD) im dezember. ich werde kaum geld haben aber ich werde so viel raushaun wies nur geht.

    uuunglaublich tolle dinge hast du dir gekauft !! *Q*

    ja das kat-tun-konzert eh.. neid <3

  6. omg i envy your shopping spree. >w< hehe. realllllly like the Liz Lisa items. (^_^)b

  7. wahhh...i love harajuku and liz liza brand