☆TOKYO - Day 8☆07.27☆

today we woke up reaaaally late and went to the post office about 01:15 pm haha
I withdrawed money with my normal EC-card and it worked!!! YES !!
on the way to the station we saw an awesome bus with JUN!!!
Afterwards we went to Shibuya! Yes yes for that we needed money haha
We went straight to the Hachiko statue! Waaa so cute! We wanted to make photos but there were sooo many people….and HOT guys everywhere!!!! Now we´ve found our favourite district haha!!!
We crossed the huge popular cross-roads….honestly I thought it would be bigger haha
And we went straight to the SHIBUYA 109 building!! Haha SHOPPING!

 oh and i bought some spray for curling my hair hehe it´s again from JUN .
Omg….i left so much money at TRALALA and BLUE MOON BLUE….!!!
But there were so many other things I liked…so we must come here again haha
We went to a Games Hall and made Purikura! Waaaaahhh it´s like a hobby lol love love
 it´s KUMICKY´s and YUI´s purikura machine!!! waaaah so so cute! i like both of them so much!!!
Afterwards we went to McD and ate…..Teriyaki Burger haha!!!! 
here are some other pictures from Shibuya

oh and here at the station!!! concert advertising for X JAPAN!!! waaah i want to go to their concert buhuhu
After Shibuya we went to Harajuku. I wanted to go to the J.Ent. fan shop again, but there wasn´t anything new….so we went through some weird lanes and found the Takeshita-Dori at the end. 
In the middle of the street we met Berenike! She was waiting for a friend.! Too funny….in a city with more than a million inhabitants we meet our friends by chance…
We went shopping all together and we made an appointment for tomorrow 8:00 pm at Hachiko statue.
We went back to Ikebukuro and met Paula at the station!!!haha again such a meeting by chance! All of us went back to the hotel. I put down my 10000 bags….omg I felt like Santa Clause with all his presents lol
Our next goal was Tower Records behind the ikebukuro station. I bought ´the Finale of NYAPPY´from AnCafé!!! Waaaaahhh when I watch it I will cry for sure!!!
Afterwards Yune, Paula and me made Purikura

 and we ate super yummy ice cream at Baskin Robbins! Waaah such a cute store! 

 Than we went back
we had Cup Noodles for dinner...
and TSUBASA was in TV

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