☆meet ups + Egg 03/2012 + Kana Nishino☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing? 
last thursday i met my friends ShyShy, Lulu and Thanh~
we made some funny pictures at the Brandenburger Tor haha
 Lulu, me, Thanh
Lulu, Thanh, ShyShy
why was this suspicous guy taking a photo of me, while i was taking a photo of my friends? xD...
than we went to the government district~  
 afterwards we went to Hackescher Markt, there we met my friend Kevin~
he was in Berlin until Sunday
so we decided to go to the japanese crêpe store~
i had strawberry crêpe hehe
pic of Kevin and me~ i had to cover my face...i looked like a pancake haha
it was a nice afternoon~
thank you everyone!
on weekend i visited my grandma~
we made donuts(Berliner)~
my grandma while frying the donuts~
and the result!
they taste so so much better like the ones you can usually buy at the bakery store!
yesterday i received my new iPod case!!!
actually i wanted the one with Korilakkuma but it was sold out, so i got the one with Rilakkume instead!
isn´t it cute??? /°A°/

yesterday about 10:00am i met my friend Kristina.
we went to a movie agency and got our first job as an extra in a movie~
i´m excited~ i did this job before some years ago, so let´s see if it´s still the same haha

afterwards we went to the crêpe store! there we met our friend Eileen!
i had strawberry crêpe again haha
afterwards we went to university~
i could pick up my japanese language certificate this day!
thise will be sent together with the other documents to the Chuo University in Tokyo~
than Eileen and me went shopping at Alexanderplatz~
i just bought a book haha
afterwards we wanted to go eating Udon at Susuru but it wasn´t open yet, so we went to the Neotokyo haha
i got the latest issue of egg magazine just for 5€ because some pages were a little damaged haha
Nemoyayo is so so cute!!~
well about 18:00 we went back to Susuru and ate yummy Udon!!
i like Udon much more than Ramen!~
i ate too much Ramen in Japan, so i can´t eat them i guess until the next Japan trip haha
afterwards we decided to go to Bubbles for some yummy bubble tea~
we said good bye to each other about 20:30~
it was a really great day!!
thank youuuu <3
here are some scans of the Egg 03/2012~
have fun ^-^
Nemoyayos 20th birthday!!! arw she´s so so cute ne!! :D
the circle lenses are really cool!

so beautiful!!
 cute GAL Mama
oh and spring will arrive sooon!! can´t wait haha
 oh and i found the new PV for Kana Nishino´s latest song!!
she looks so so beautiful!!! (but the video...is kinda boring xD...i prefer PV´s with a story~ )


  1. sinds nich, sie sehen nur von der form so aus ;D machart is ganz anders ^^

  2. oooh schöne bilder^^ die crepes sehen sooo lecker aus^^
    und selbstgemachte berliner sind toll*-*

  3. Haha, maybe he was a pedophile... who knows xD
    Crêpes (+strawberry!!), donuts... everything makes me hungry D:
    Congrats for your japanese certificate :) OMG WTF an EGG magazine for 5euros ? So cheap xD even if some pages were damaged... actually it costs like 20 euros or something like that in France -_-"
    Thank you for the scans :)

  4. Ich möchte auch so einen Crêpe. ;w;

    Und voll süß, dass du mit deiner Oma Berliner gemacht hast. :] Ich wünschte, ich könnte das auch nochmal machen, aber meine sind alle schon zu alt dafür. u_u

  5. That place looks very fun to explore! I'd liked to go oneday.
    I just randomly found your blog but hello! ^__^ my name is June Komori.

    Egg magazines were really cheap *O*
    they're like usually 20$ here!

  6. Wow, thanks for the egg scans! Everything looks so fun!

  7. Huhu
    wo ist denn dieser japanisce Crepeladen genau? Kannst du mir die Adresse mal zusenden, ich mag da auch gern mal hin :3
    Dieses Rilakkuma case hatte ich für mein Handy auch schon ins Auge gefasst ^.^ Ich werd erstmal in Japan guggen ob ich da noch irgendwas finde und wenn nicht bestell ich mir die Version im Internet.

    Ja der Rock ist toll, hatte den ja echt schon fast 2 Jahre gesucht und mich sehr gefreut, als ich ihn im Tally für knape 18 Euro entdeckte ^-^
    Liebe Grüße

  8. WOW WOW, lovely pics!!
    And yummy sweets!! =Q__

  9. haha~ Ich glaube, du hast die Egg gekauft, die ich eigentlich gekauft hätte ^o^
    die Verkäuferin hat sie runtergschmissen und die Seiten waren verknickt... also hat sie mir ne andere gegeben ^^°
    lucky ~^.^
    your iPod case is sooooo cute <3

  10. UWAH! UDON! *O* Und auch noch Crepes! Uiiii!! Ich mag udon auch mehr als ramen :D

    1. PS: du wurdest getaggt! ;D