☆resume of the last week☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing? 
well, just a quick resume of the last week!
first i got my Etude House and Skin79 order!!!
i also got some free samples of creams hehe
and i ordered this set of clothes some weeks ago!!!
the leo sweater and the top with the cute white collar!! 
 i hope i will receive it this week!!
on wednesday i met my friend Pila~
we went shopping. afterwards we met Eileen and had dinner at Makoto´s~
i ate yummy Tori Miso Katsudon!
since it´s March, i want to show you my calendar sheets for this month!
oh and did you see the new cover for the latest issue of Popteen magazine????
Finally it´s NOT Kumicky on the cover!!! i´m so happy haha
it´s Tsubasa this time!! omg it´s just like in the good old days were she was the No.1 model of Popteen <3
so so pretty!!
can´t wait to get my copy of the mag <3
today was my dad´s birthday!!
yesterday we had dinner with some of his friends at the chinese restaurant!
i ate a yummy rice dish~
afterwards we went home and celebrated haha
at 00:00 my dad got his birthday cakes and a lot of presents~
i love spring flowers the most!!! tulips are so pretty! my favourites <3

in the morning my sister came over for breakfast!!
she just came back from Indonesia a couple of days ago~
i got a nice present from her <3
so pretty <3
did you see the teaser for BigBangs - Fantastic Baby?
so cool! can´t wait for the full MV!


  1. Mein Mann hat mir heute früh auch das neue Cover der Popteen gezeigt, ich freu mich schon voll drauf ♥ Werd ich mir dann in Japan gleich kaufen (und noch ein paar andere Mags :) )
    Ui ich bin gespannt, wann deine Bestellung ankommt und will ein Tragebild sehen ^.-
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Some really nice calendar! I can't wait to get popteen!

  3. WOW, love the new Popteen cover ^-^

  4. WOW WOW!!! I Died with the "fantastic Baby" teaser!!! SOOO COOL!!!! =Q____
    We want reviews of the samples!! I have the "skin Food" cactus bb cream too! Is famous for oily skins! Wanna test it!! *^*

  5. Cute gets *---*
    I loved you calendarsand the food looks delicious!

  6. The Popteen cover is so pretty :)
    Food looks yummy ^^

  7. me gusto mucho tu blog!!!! :D Muy bonito te espero por el mio :D Saluditos! te sigo ;)

  8. Das Cover von Popteen sieht ja echt süß aus, liebe ihren Look mit den dunklen Haaren ^-^

  9. one of the nicest popteen-cover so far! Love the colours!

    1. always love to visit your blog. they're so many cute thing here :))