☆meet ups + Simple Plan + Outfit check + Liz Lisa☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing???
Thank you for all your comments!!!
lately i´m very busy because i have to write two essays for university...
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last tuesday Eileen, Denise and me went to the Reichstag.
we had a lot of fun there and a nice view over Berlin.
 You and me
You and Koji
so cute :D
You and Eileen!
Eileen and me haha
 Eileen and me again~
the japanese students and Denise 
 Mahoko and me

Afterwards we said good bye to the japanese srudents and met my friend Pila at Hackescher Markt.
we had bubble tea and went to Burger World~~
Caramel Milk Tea~~ yumyum
Cheese Burger~~~
than we went window shopping.
about 19:45 Eileen went home and we met my friend Steffi.
the 3 of us went to the cinema and watched "Ziemlich beste Freunde"
it was a really nice movie!!
afterwards we went to Pilas place and watched Warrior~
wuuuh i love action/fighting movies hehe :D
about 4 in the morning we reached Steffis place...we were so tired haha~
it was a really nice day!~
on thursday i went to the Simple Plan concert together with my friend Laina!
when i was 17, Simple Plan was my most favourite band!!!
during that time i looked like that:
duduuum, big confession!
i was an emo scene kid haha~
it was a great time back then!

so this was the ticket~
we went to the club about 18:30 and wow there were so many people waiting haha
but in the end we got a really good spot in the 2nd row, YES!
the opening act was great as well!
Laina and me caught a pick from the guitarist yay!
like you can read, the band is calles WE the Kings :D
about 21:15 Simple Plan came up the stage!!
wuhuuuuuuuuu~ it was so great!! like 4 years ago, when i saw them for the 1st time live :D
here are some pics:
Jeff, Chuck, David
Pierre, David
David :D
David is smiling directly into my camera haha
David again~
David, Jeff, Sebastien
Jeff, Chuck, Pierre, David~
i also made some movies haha~

it was so so great!!
after the concert i bought a SP bag :D
so cool~
i hope i will them again sooooon~ :D
on saturday i went to a bulgarian restaurant
my grandma celebrated her birthday there~
this was my outfit
Top: Bershka
Shorts: New Yorker
Tights: Tutuanna
Shoes: Tamaris
Bag: Diavlo
Jewelry: Accessorize

i ate Schnitzelll~!!
it was ok...but not the best haha
on sunday i met my friend Pila~
i made Muffins in the morning
Hello Kitty muffins :D
so pink hehe :D
so somehow we went through Berlin without a plan...and were freezing, ´cause the weather wasn´t that warm like we had expected >o<
Bubble Teaaaa and muffins~
store window~
i like those drawings :D

it was a really nice day, thank you~~
did you already see the new summer collection of Liz Lisa??
i love this dress!!
and the light brown outfit which Yui is wearing is so cute!!

thank you everyone for reading!!! <3


  1. War ein super Tag ♥ Ich hoffe wir schaffen es in nächster Zeit mal wieder öfter sowas zu unternehmen.


  2. Uha das weiße Liz Lisa Kleid is echt wunderschön...xX ♥

    Dein altes Foto is super xD hätt ich nich erwartet...

    Eileens Haare sehen toll aus ♥

  3. Dein neuer Hintergrund ist total schön!!! ♥
    Die Sachen von Liz Lisa sind echt traumhaft! Auch wenn ich mir "nur" 2 Sachen ergattert habe, ich hätte dort den ganzen Laden leer shoppen können *lach* Echt supersüsse Klamotten da ♥
    Liebe Grüße ^.^

  4. Alle Bilder mit Yao, Eileen und dir sind Liebe. =D Ich bin entzückt. Außerdem: Denise auf dem Schnappschuss. Unbezahlbar. Ich will sie knuddeln. Bin trotzdem nicht traurig, dass ich den Reichstag nicht zum vierten... nein, fünften Mal von innen gesehen hab. X'D
    "Ziemlich beste Freunde" fand ich auch super, welch Überraschung. ;)
    Naja, ab in die Koje.


  5. You guys look like you had so much fun, your outfits are so cute~ : D I love The liz lisa stuff too!

  6. U had fun! hahaha
    Lovely all the pics and the liz lisa stuff pure LOVE!
    I want to prove those lovely sweets! hahaha
    kisses! N_N

  7. You guys look so cute! :-D And the milk tea made me quite thirsty! The Liz Lisa dress is so cute! :O


  8. Die Bilder sind toll <3 ^^

    hehe :D dein Emo bist ist echt süß XD
    ein richtiger unterschied zu jetzt :3 aber man erkennt dich ^^ :,D

    freut mich dass das konzert toll war <3 ^^
    schöne bildchen.

    *-* die sachen von LizLisa sind echt so süß *-*

    Liebe Grüße <3

  9. Was für schöne Bilder!! ;) Das sieht nach viel Spaß aus <3

  10. I love your photos and your outfit!!!!! so cool!!!

    I´m glad you enjoyed!! ^___^