☆Diavlo + Outfit Check! + Giveaway + spring☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing???
Thank you for all your comments!!!
lately i´m very busy because i have to write two essays for university...
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on wednesday i met my friend Steffi! we went to the library together~
afterwards we had some yummy Frozen Yoghurt!!!
i had the left one with marshmallow, kiwi and red fruit jelly!!!
about 15:00 i met the girl from ebay and she gave her DIAVLO bag to me which i bought last weekend!!!!
omg it´s the most beautiful bag i ever had!!!!
actually i wanted to buy such a bag last year in Tokyo but in the end of the trip i hadn´t any money left lol
afterwards Steffi and me went to Bubbles and hab bubble tea haha~
i had a small caramel milk tea <3
today was so so so awesome weather so i decided to go to the city for enjoying the sun !
this was my outfit!~
hat: H&M
cardigan: Tally Weijl
Top: the Gazette Tour Shirt
belt: Pimkie
Shorts: self made
tights: Tutuanna
boots: off brand
bag: Diavlo

so i met my sister~
i bought Bubble Tea haha
this time it´s Passion Fruit flavor~ yumyum
we went to the park and enjoyed the evening sun :D
so pretty :D

than i went shopping and arwww i found my most favourite easter chocolate hehe
i also bought a new powder and brush~
but somehow both products sucks xDDD....after trying them...
i will try them again when the light is better...not in the evening lol
oh in the morning i was listening to my Simple Plan CD´s once again because next week is the SP concert!!!
arwww can´t wait <3 i love them so much hehe
Today i also received the Giveaway which i´ve won from my friend Thanh Thao!!!!
i´m so so happy!!! it´s my first time wining a GA <3
look at all those super lovely things!!!
it´s a Tuxedo Sam key chain <3, Rilakkuma notebook, a lovely letter, sticker, calendar, and forever 21 hair clips!!!
thank you so so so much again!!!
tomorrow i will go to the bookfair in Leipzig!!!
i will wear my コギャル outfit which i wore last year as well~
actually i´ve ordered some things for a new outfit but they didn´t arrive in time, so i will wear my old outfit :O
i hope tomorrow will be a great day :D
can´t wait to meet my friends there!!!

Thank you for reading!!!


  1. congratulations on winning the giveaway!
    I love your outfits :)

  2. Congratz on winning! : D You look so cute! : D : D I think the froyo must taste so good!!!

  3. Congratz on winning! I love your outfit and the bag! :3

  4. Your bag its amazing *o*

    Simple plan great !! <33

  5. Viel Spaß auf der Buchmesse ♥
    die letzten Tag emti SOnne waren echt toll *___* vorallem gestern omg

  6. The frozen yoghurt look nice!!
    I'd love to try one if I had a chance XD

    I really love the pics you took at the park,so beautiful!!
    you got some cute outfits,btw ^ ^

  7. whaaa deine outfits sind soo süß, vor allem das letzte^^da hattest du wirklich glück, dass du das giveaway gewonnen hast *-*
    ich habe neulich zum ersten Mal einen frozen jogurt Laden in ddorf gefunden aber noch nicht probiert^^

  8. congratulations on winning the giveaway!!!

    I love your photos!!! and I love your outfits!!! so cool!!!! *w*

    kisses!!!! ^_______^

  9. Really cute all the pics! And you look so lovely at this outfits!
    Congrax for the giveaway!

  10. Woaw your bag is really cool :)
    Love your outfits ! You shouldn't hide your face ;)

  11. Ah gut dass es angekommen ist und du dich gefreut hast!! :)

    All das leckere Essen!! Ich will auch!! :)

  12. oh cool, du gehst zur leipziger buchmesse? da wollte ich auch schon immer mal hin, aber leipzig ist einfach zuuu weit weg :(

  13. Congtratz!!
    That bag is hot~
    ...for some odd reason I have a craving for Boba Tea...I dunno it just kind of happened while reading this XD

  14. Hey das passt zwar nicht ganz aber ich wollt mal fragen ob du Lust hättest bei meinem
    Japan/Korea Friends Board mit zu machen und vielleicht könntest du ja auch eine kleine Werbung dafür auf deinem Blog machen. Das wäre auf jedenfall echt lieb! ^-^