ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing???
Thank you for all your comments!!!
lately i´m very busy because i have to write two essays for university...
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on Saturday i went to the bookfair in Leipzig (LBM) with my friend Anne and 2 other friends of her!
 we arrived about 10:15~
 it was super awesome weather!!! 20°C the whole day!!! :D
after walking around in the Japan related hall, i got really annoyed of all those people....
.... so I decided to meet my friend Nina and relax in the outer area of the hall haha~
much better haha~
afterwards we met our friends Kristina, Sven, Kohei, Anna, Rina and Maiko~
(c) by Anna
aren´t they cute haha :D
we went again through the hall but yeah...it was boring~
this was my outfit btw~
so Nina and me waited for my friend Pila~
we really could find eachother in the jungle of too many people haha~
so i went with Pila and his friend, and Nina also met other friends of hers~
the main hall~
we decided to have some Bubble Tea!!! YES this year it was also at the bookfair hahaha
we can´t escape from our bubble tea consumption anymore!!!
after queuing up for nearly 30minutes we could order our drinks...BUT all the good flavors for the tea were sold out....haha FAIL!
so we ended up with Pineapple and Maracuja teas....what an disappointment~
we went again to the outer area of the hall~
there Pila made some photos of me~
please check out his FB account and his gallery there!! -> CLICK!
at the next ones i look really bored haha
(and this cardigan makes faaat lol )
thank you again for the pictures!!! :D <3

about 16:00 i met my friend Anne again, we had to leave about 17:00 because her friends wanted to go back  earlier....
Anne while driving haha~
She has such a beautiful profile!! <3

this was really a great day!!! thank you everyone!!! <3
last week i also received my new clothes!!!
it´s this super cool sweater with leo print~
and this top with a cute frilled collar~
and together it will look like this hehe
so cuteeee!
it´s from the japanese brand "Bye Bye" :D

on weekend my parents went for a short trip to the baltic sea and they bought this lovely cardigan for me!!
the ribbon attached on the side is really great :D
can´t wait to wear my new clothes :D
since yesterday i worked again at my essay for university!
13 hours in a row...
working place~~~

thank you for reading!!!
take care everyone <3


  1. I also have the same top with a cute frilled collar ! IT's from a Japanese brand called INGNI :) I have a photo of it at my fist blog entry

  2. aww ich habs ja schon gesagt, du sahst soooo toll aus! *_* total süß*-*
    ich würd auch gern mal zur lbm aber ist so weit weg :/

  3. Viel Erfolg mit den zwei Arbeiten für die Uni!! ♥

    Die Schuluniform sieht sehr süß aus & ich finde nicht, dass der Cardigan aufträgt öö.

    Ich bin sehr neidisch auf deine neuen Oberteile ;; aber ich nehme an wenn sie von einer Japanischen Marke sind war das Bestellen eher teuer...hm? Gah...~

  4. That looks fun ^ ^

    Love your new items :D

  5. Oh my Nene! You're gorgeous! :-) I love that Bye Bye top too! Especially when combined with the tank top!


  6. *-* die Perücke steht dir einfach total gut *-* <3 ^^
    und super schöne bilder :3
    schade das wir uns doch nicht gesehen haben ._.

  7. Ahhh, du siehst supi hübsch aus!! LBM war bestimmt spannend!!

  8. ich liebe deinen rock *__*
    Und viel erfolg beim lernen =^.^=

  9. aaaah you also have been there!! me too :'33 your outfit looks pretty cute =*w*=
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  10. Naw, the sweater with the top under was so cute!

  11. *O* wooooh your new clothes are incredible! I looks really nice the mix between the pullover and the shirt! You have style!
    Also the outfits are very cute! Your eyes looks pretty!

  12. I love that school girl outfit o 3 o!
    And your new clothes look cute~ c:

  13. I love your outfit and the pics of you, so cute! :D

  14. *o* Looking cute as always~♥
    Wow the tank and sweater combo looks adorable!
    \(^0^)/Keep working hard!

  15. Danke für den Link ;)
    Bist du sehr oft in japan?
    Aber normal wohnst du in deutschlnd oder?


  16. wow your outfit is beautiful :3

    Btw, i've awarded you with the Kreativ blog award so check it out on my blog when you have the time! :)

  17. Die Perücke steht dir supi. Síeht toll aus!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. awww, you look so pretty >,<
      i love your outfit :)

  18. Hi :) do you have more pictures of this year LMB, I wanted to go there so badly, but I live too far away and wasn´t able to find a hotel.