☆B2ST Beautiful Show - Concert Report☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
How are you doing?
On Sunday i went to the B2ST concert here in Berlin!!!
i was looking forward to this day so so much!
so the concert was held at the Columbia Halle!
 i arrived with a friend about 17:00
my other friends were already there waiting!
there were so many people haha
gladly i could join my friends which were much closer to the entrance compared to the end of the queue haha
actually the admittance was scheduled for 18:00 BUT we had to wait ´til 19:00....
and it was f***ing cold outside!!! -11°C i guess!
there were also some people from different German TV stations like ZDF and Pro7.
they had some interviews with the fans~
Nela from Pro7 TV channel!
well, about 19:00 we were allowed to enter the hall!
at the entrance everyone got this little package, containing little note sheets from Cube Ent. with their famous bands!
it´s an invitation to visit Korea haha
 at the merchandise stall i bought a tour shirt....of course they didn´t brought the awesome merchandise which they normally sell at their concerts in Asia.... :(
afterwards we went into the hall. we were in the 5th row~ so we could see very good!
so here are some pictures!
big screen at the wall!
Yo-seob :D
Jun-hyung *///*
Hyun-seung, Jun-hyung, Yo-seob
Jun-hyung again >///<
this is my favourite pic :D
Jun-hyung, Yo-seob and Gi-kwang(i don´t like him that much haha)
Yo-seob´s cute smile :D
Gi-kwang, Doo-joon, Hyun-seung
and here are the videos i made!

while singing "YOU" they brought a girl from the audience onto the stage!
she was placed at a chair and the band sang for her this song!!!
she also got flowers, a teddy bear and she made a photo with the band on stage!
everyone was so jealous xD
the girl was so happy and couldn´t believe what happens to her haha

at the end of the show i also started crying because than i realised that the real thing, my most favourite band,  stand in front of me for 2 hours...haha
so THIS was one of the BEST concerts ever!!!
i never thought that i will see them here in Berlin even once!!!! xD
i´ll never forget this day!!
so with this, my so called "B2ST-week" came to an end!
i saw them on Wednesday in Paris @ Music Bank, on Friday at the airport and on Sunday in Berlin at the concert!
i´m such a happy fan hehe :D
thank you for reading!!!


  1. WOW! I think your are really lucky!
    I am not a big fan of B2ST, but If they(or any other asian band/musician) would come to Iceland I would be so happy...but Iceland has such a small fan base...D:


    ans much more if the concert is of a group like this!! >o< I hope that BigBang will go to Sapin!!! ARRWW

  3. Wie schön, das freut mich für dich, dass du deine Lieblingsband live sehen konntest und dann auch noch so aus der Nähe betrachtet :)

    So ging es mir, als ich damals zum ersten Mal Dir en grey live sehen konnte :)
    Liebe Grüße

  4. wowowow b2st! I've never been to a korean pop concert... you are one lucky girl!

  5. lucky oh,i'm never been to k-pop concert before..only watch it on televison..T_T

  6. kyaa you got to see hyunsueng and gikwang!! lucky girl

  7. Kraaaaaass, wie weit du vorne standest!! *__* Megacool <3

  8. ich wär auch so gern da gewesen >.<
    LG ♥