☆Japan - Tokyo 11.01.~☆

Hello everyone ^-^/ <3 
wow it´s been so long T__T
i am so busy recently with all my exams....and i actually should study right now...but well.... xD
so today i wanna talk about the last day of my stay in Tokyo this time :)
(wow, it´s been already one month...)
well, Amanda and me went to Kita-Senju in the afternoon, and picked up Eileen at the station :)
 on the way to the station :)
Skinfood store located in the shopping mall at the station~~
i just bought a nail pollish there lol

afterwards we met Eileen and had lunch!
Kitsune Udon!!! it´s so good!!! (even when it looks not this tasty haha)
afterwards we went back to Amandas place and packed the last things in our suitcases~
it was such nice weather haha :D
Schroder and Bell haha
about 5pm we went to the airport by car! thanks to Ryota again!
haha look at Amanda!!! she wanted to scare Eileen when she comes out lol
we laughed so hard!! xD
Ryota treated everyone to dinner!
we went to a nice Pasta place!! it was soooo good <3
thank you again!
 my neighbour was hungry as well haha
afterwards we checked in~
it was so sad to say good bye to Amanda and her husband ;o;
THIS is so good!!! even when i prefer the one with lemon flavour haha 
we bought this while waiting for boarding~
super off-mode haha
i am so glad that i bought a bunch of face masks at the combini!! without them i bet my cold would have become worth! i hate the dry air in the plane ToT
well, we arrived in Paris about 2 in the morning and had to wait until 7 for the flight to Berlin!
and damn, it was so cold in the waiting area....
we watched my new Royz DVD while waiting haha
look at Subaruuuu <3
 and we arrived safely in Berlin in the morning of the 12th of January!

it was such a nice holiday!!! the last time i went to Japan for such a small period of time was in 2010 hehe  the time passed so fast during those 2 weeks!
i was so sad to say good bye to everyone! and i am really thankful to my lovely friend Amanda for letting me stay at her place <3
 love youuuu girl <3

and also thank you to Eileen!!
We had so much fun at the Royz concert and while shopping <3

and also thank you to Chisato and Alice!! <3
i can´t wait to see everyone again in summer <3 ^o^/

it´s the 14th today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Subaru from Royz hehehe 

thank you for reading!!! <3
and Happy Valentines Day to everyone


  1. So lovely post! I hope you have a great time in Japan ^^

    ✿ Rinako ✿

  2. So coool and lovely pictures!!!

    恵美より ♥

  3. I do not like how dry it can get on long flights too.=_=

    BTw, your hungry "neighbour" looks really cute! XD