☆Outfit Post + Purikura + Gets☆

^o^ Hello Hello *^*/

how are you doing??~
wow, a new post within not even 24 hours haha~
i finally have time to post, that´s so great ^-^/
let´s talk about last Monday today ^-^
this was my outfit:
hat: Rakuten
blouse: off brand
dress: Liz Lisa
bag: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
pumps: Tamaris

so we went to the Puri store about 12:00 and took the last set of Puris during Thanh Thaos stay in Berlin ;0;
me in the train lol~ i changed my hat to this red one, cause it matched my tights better haha

well we took two sets of puri again~~
oh damn, we spent so much money on this during friday hahaha
those are my most favourites hehehehe <3

afterwards we had to head straight to the airport by bus~
the weather was so beautiful btw!!! 

we checked in the luggage and went to Starbucks~
it´s unbelievable how they push their prices, just because the store is located in the airport.... T___T  but it was yummy lol
at 14:30 we went to the Gate and we had to say bye bye ;o;
Thanh Thao, i hope we will see each other again sooooon <3
it was so much fun the last days hehe ^o^ 


afterwards i went back to the city for shopping!~~
i bought new shoesssss finally haha ^-^

 aren´t they cute??? *3*/
and just simple black boots ^-^

the main reason i went shopping was to find a baking pan....with an diameter of 18-20cm....well...this was like a fight to find this kind of baking pan T___T
i went to 5 department stores...and every store just sold bigger ones...T__T
so my last try ended up in a british discount department store...and finally i found one at the cooking section....
what a fight...lol
it´s my dads birthday soon, so i want to start baking again :D
some of my older cakes i made you can find here in those tutorials ^^-> KLICK 1! Klick 2 !

afterwards i just went home~~
thank you for reading ^o^/ <3
bye bye~~ <3

PS: maybe you noticed? i changed my header hehe :D
i hope you like it? ^^


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    1. UPS, aus versehen gelöscht! :D Ich besuch jeden Tag mehrmals deinen Blog um zu sehen, ob du schon geschrieben hast, woher die braunen Schuhe sind :D

    2. entschuldige meine späte antwort >< ich antworte meist erst kurz bevor ich einen neuen post schreibe ;___;
      die schuhe sind von OSCO :) die farbe die ich habe, hab ich grad nicht gefunden ><
      ich hoffe ich konnte weiter helfen <3

    3. Oh, du bist supeeer, danke danke :)

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love liz lisa :D

    1. thank you so much <3 :) Yes, i love Liz Lisa too!!! <3

  3. Die Schuhe sind so geil!!! X.x; Stefan meinte schon, die brauche ich auch! Und damit hat er so Recht!! xDD Aber die gibts sicherlich nicht in meiner Größe ;_;
    Deine Kuchen sind ja mal genial!!!! ;O; Voll toll, ich bin sauneidisch!!! xD
    Ich freu mich schon wenn wir bald mal Puris zusammen machen :)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. eventuell gibs bei deichmann ja bald eine ähnliche version!! ich habe in einem andern billig schuhladen auch nochmal so ähnliche gesehen!!! dann gibs die sicher bald überall haha :D
      hehe danke <3 ich liebe backen wenn ich zeit habe xD
      jaaa ich freu mich auch schon drauf <333
      liebe grüße <3

  4. Awww your outfit is lovely!! <3 And the first shoes are very cute! *__*


    1. thank you so much <3
      yes, those are really popular right now i guess hehe :)
      kisses <3

  5. So cute outfit sweetie! I love the dress so much :3

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

    1. thank you so much <3333
      you´re always commenting on my posts, that´s so cute <3 thank you!!! <333333

  6. Boah ich liebe die braunen Schuhe!!! Mega schön!! Und tolle Bilder *_*

    1. vielen lieben dank <3333 :)
      ja, ich glaube so welche gibs bald überall haha :D
      scheinen wohl jetz zum trend zu werden :)
      liebe grüße <333

  7. omg, I have the same boots hahahah the brown one with lace!
    I love them!

    1. oh really???? hahaha
      they are perfect right?!?! *o* <3

  8. your header and wallpaper too are adorable!

    where do you find the gifs? they're so cute omg ;w;

    1. thank you so much <3
      the cute gyaru gifs?? i think i collected most of them 4 years ago from different blogs! but there are also pages where you can find them :) e.g.: http://photobucket.com/images/gyaru%20gif?page=1

  9. Das Liz Lisa Outfit steht dir so gut <3