☆Sunshine City Aquarium☆

On 19th we met our lovely friend Erina!!!
we went together to Ikebukuro ^-^
First we went to the Game Center for Purikura :D
aaaand first time we tried Taiko!!

omg it was soooo fun, i love it hahahha

afterwards we went all together to the Aquarium in Sunshine City!!! omg it´s my favourite Aquarium!
it´s located on the top of the building and everything looks so great and the shows are awesome ^-^

they are sooo cute *3*
cute Erina!
yummy lunch :D
hahaha he was so cool!!


  1. Wahh~ It looks like so much fun~ >u<

  2. *w* awesome pictures!
    I love visiting zoos :) Animals are just so cute ^.^ so I really enjoy watching them :3

  3. Wow! The fishes all look so amazing... It is weird to want to eat them?

  4. Hi Nene~~ :)

    I was checking pictures of Chuo university when I found your blog! Starting September, I'm gonna study there as an exchange student so I would really appreciate if you contact me! You seem so nice and I love your blog. ^__^

    Oh, and by the way we are like neighbours! I'm French! And I'm also fond of Japan! I visited there twice and I'll go back in a couple of months!

    I'd love to know about the student life at Chuo! I hope to hear from you soon ;)

    My email is : finalpoki(at)hotmail.fr !

  5. the turtle is so cute xD

    do you want to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?
    visit my blog ^^

  6. Wow.... ein tolles Aquarium! *__*~
    Ich liebe Aquarien sowieso - da werde ich nächstes Jahr wohl eindeutig einen Abstecher machen müssen.
    Echt beeindruckend. ♥

  7. aww I love taiko no tatsujin! it's so much fun:33
    that aquarium looks awesome. I didn't know they had such a big one inside of Tokyo. I have been to one near Disneyland, which was great too