☆Shibuya Shopping + Imperial Palace Garden☆


Today Eileen and me went to Shibuya and Harajuku for shopping!!
 waiting for the train haha
first we went to Shibuya, to 109 <3
i actually didn´t want to buy something...but well....of course it´s not easy to resist!
i found two lovely pieces at Liz Lisa and One Way.
 both things i bought are from the new S/S collection!
so i found this wonderful blazer at Liz Lisa !!
it was also promoted in the latest LL shop mag~
 it looks really cute!!! :D

at One Way i bought this beautiful onepiece!
i have a similar one from Cecil McBee, but this one was also so cute!!!
so i had to buy it :D
i´m really happy about my new clothes!!~
perfect for spring! :)

after 109, we had lunch at Shakey´s~~
and than we took Purikura!
Like a Sir :D hahahaha~
i really like those two ^-^

pullover: Pinky Girls
skirt: Liz Lisa
tights: Tutuanna
shoes: off brand
accessoires: Forever 21
 New Yamapi Single comes out soon :D

afterwards we walked to Harajuku~
we had some cake

it was such a nice day, and the weather was soooo perfect today!!! *~*
spring is coming :D

 Yesterday Eileen, Sego, Celine and me went to the Garden of the Imperial Palace and to Ginza!!
here are some pictures :D
entrance ticket for the garden~
stalking school girls wwww
Eileen and Sego
old vs. new~~ haha
afterwards we had lunch at a...somehow German restaurant wwww
Bread, Steak and Potato. so damn good!!! hahaha

Btw~ i will go to the Simple Plan concert here in Tokyo with Eileen and Nao!!!! 
can´t wait to see them again after one year!!! *____* 
this will be so good hahaha

and we also go to another concert. this time it´s V-Kei line up!
bands like (v)neu, Daizy Stripper, Mix Speakers Inc., Born, Royz will appear!
can´t wait to see Royz live!!! omg i like them soooo much *3*/

 thank you for reading :D


  1. Der Blazer ist wirklich schick ♥ *3*

  2. Der Blazer ist super!! Und das Kleid auch~ *_*
    Und total schicke Bilder!

  3. mir gefällt der blazer auch wirklich gut, kein wunder das du nicht wiederstehen konntest :3

  4. Viel Spaß beim Konziiiii :D
    Da gibts dann hoffentlich Bilderchen ;D

  5. Wie immer ein super schönes Liz Lisa Sahneteilchen <3

    oooh (>.<) ich wär jetzt auch lieber in Japan! Etude House ist hier leider schweineteuer (T_T) und Liz Lisa gibt es hier auch nicht.

  6. Looks like you had so much fun ^-^ btw the blazer is amazing!
    Check out my giveaway please <3

  7. Wirklich tolle Bilder aus dem Park *___*
    Uhh du kannst Daizy Stripper live sehen und Mix Speakers *__* Ich liebe die Bands!

  8. Tolle Posts! Lese sie immer wieder gerne. ^ - ^
    Würde auch gerne mal in Tokyo auf ein Konzert gehen, ist bestimmt spaßiger als woanders. ^^ Spiel Spaß euch noch!~

  9. the blazer is soo cute <3 I love Liz Lisa

  10. Oh, lovely lace details on the blazer!