☆Shibuya -> Alice Cafe + Liz Lisa GETS☆


Today Eileen and me went to Shibuya~~~ 
this was my outfit:
 dress: Liz Lisa
blazer: Liz Lisa
bag: Galets
tights: H&M
 shoes: ABC Mart
Accessoires: Forever 21

we went to 109~~
Actually i wanted to buy a skirt or dress...but i ended up buying a Liz Lisa bag hahaha
it´s sooooo cute ;A; <3
 perfect for spring :D

afterwards we had lunch at the Alice Café!!
cute Eileen~
cute cheshire cat meal *3*
 cute caterpillar pafait~

 cute Alice~
so pretty!
2 years ago i went to the same place, but  during this time it was a reallyyyy cool bar!!!
i really miss this place >o<
the place was called ZARU!
it was a bar with club music and also a dance platform~
really nice~
and now it´s an Alice café....haha~

after lunch we made some Puri <3
oh my eyes look so scary hahaha

it was a great day <3
thank you for reading!!! :D


  1. wow, the alice cafe looks really nice. I wish I could go there too~~ ;___;
    The puris are also cute!

  2. Ohh I miss Japan so much now!
    And that bag is so cute! :D

  3. Can't wait to visit the Shibuya109! Is the Alice Cafe in the Shibuya109?

    1. no it´s not, it´s parallel to 109 in a another street.
      it´s in the same buliding like BERSHKA. you can´t miss it ;D

  4. awww the bag is sooo cute *O*

  5. I want that bag ~! So kawaii ^__^

  6. You guys are so pretty! <3 Love the purse! :3

  7. aaaaah would love to visit Japan one day! im so jealous! hope you two beautiful ladies had lots of fun! ^_^

  8. Die Liz Lisa Tasche *.*
    Ich fliege bald zum 1. Mal nach Japan und würde gerne auch Fotos mit den süßen Angestellten machen (seh ich oft auf Blogs) Ist das ok, sie einfach zu fragen oder machen die eigentlich nur aus Höflichkeit ein Foto mit den Bloggern? xD

    1. Hi :D solange du was kaufst, machen sie gerne ein Foto mit dir xD

    2. Okay xD Bei Liz Lisa werde ich mich bestimmt eh nicht zurückhalten können nichts zu kaufen :D

    3. hahaha DAS kann ich verstehen xDDD~ die neue collection is echt süß :D freu dich drauf ^-^/

  9. Das Café ist ja unglaublich toll x_x
    genau mein kitsch-faktor :D

  10. Hey^-^
    thanks for following me:3

    I'm so jealous of that bag!! I think it's so damn cute;_;
    you're so lucky to get it.

    And wow so this is how the Alice Cafe looks like. I actually wanted to go there last time I was in Japan, but we couldn't find it, because we didn't have a map XD

    your outfit is so cute btw :3

  11. Hi! Nice photos. The bag is so cute!

  12. Alice Cafe looks really cool, definitely want to try this out when I'm in Japan! XD

    The LizLisa bag is LOVE, btw! :D