☆Moomin Café in Tokyo☆


Thank you for all the comments to my previous post ^-^
on thursday we met Anne, Stefan and Thanh Thao at Tokyo Dome City!
i had the idea to visit the Moomin Cafe there!
i love the Moomin since my childhood haha :D
 since Eileen and me arrived a little too early in Shinjuku, we decided to take some Puri!
 afterwards we met the others at Tokyo Dome City...we were a little late ><
so our friends were already queuing up at the café! 
 so cute *__*
 after waiting for 20min, we entered the cafe :D
omg and everything was sooo cute *o*
we ordered some yummy desserts and lunch set!!
  Latte Macchiato with Moomin Latte art :D
 Berry sundae <3
Moomin オムライス!
Moomin Choco Cake~
 Moomin Roll Cake :D

even the spoons were soooo cute!
moomin and moomin dad haha
  Thanh Thao and me :D
we also got those hats like Moomin dad is wearing hahaha
 Stefan, Anne, Eileen
 Moomin mom and me haha
 group picture with moomin mom :D
 you could also buy something in the fan shop :D
 and also the bakery had so nice things ^^/
 so cute :D
than we went to Tokyo Dome~
we went to a Rilakkuma store and Game Center~
 i want this yellow cute bird ;___; <3
 i got 4 Alpacas with one try~!! wuha :D
than we took some Puri of course :D

aaaand Puri from Wednesday :D
so funny days :D
thank youuu ^-^


  1. It had to be amazing! <3 I love these cute foods :3 And Tokyo *o* awwh ^__^

  2. laqua TT; wuhuuu fernweh
    das moomin cafe war ja mal super niedlich <3

  3. Oh nein, wie süüß!! >_<!
    Das Cafe ist echt cool.. Bin letztes Mal leider nur dran vorbeigelaufen, aber der Kaffee ist ja echt der Hammer, mit Moomin Löffel.. ^o^
    Sehr schöne Bilder! Da freut man sich noch viel mehr auf die nächste Japanreise. =(^_^)=


  4. The Moomin café looks so cute (^^)!!

  5. Aww that cafe is so awesomeXD Moomins are from Finland and I'm Finnish so that's very cool for mexD I knew that Japanese people like moomins but I didn't know about the cafe:3

  6. you live such a lovely life ^^ moomin cafe is so cutteee ♥ I love your posts!!

  7. That Moomin cafe looks so cute! I also love Moomins! ^^

  8. ich will auch in ein moomin cafe Q_Q so cute

  9. I'm in love with the Moomin cafe, so cute!!!

  10. Da war ich auch letztes Jahr !! Das ist SO süß !! Wieso kann es sowas tolles nicht auch in Deutschland geben ^^

  11. Wow, so ein tolles Cafe *__* Ich will da unbedingt auch mal hin *__*

  12. that is so cute!
    as a finn i just have to get there some day :D