☆Hiroshima - Miyajima #2☆


  so this will be the last post about our trip!
i am so happy that it´s over to write about it haha
you can´t imagine how much time it takes to write one of these posts and to edit and sort more than 3000 pictures...
and now i can go on with the daily stuff xD yay~~~

so let´s start!
our last day in Hiroshima we spent in Miyajima (Shrine Island)!
it´s an island 30min away from Hiroshima city!
you have to go there by ferry!
so we left our Hostel in the morning and took the train to the ferry station!
Hana Hostel!! such a nice accommodation for travelers!
so we reached the station and went by ferry to Miyajima!
while being on the ferry we could see the famous torii gate of the Itsukushima Shrine, which is located in the water!
really pretty!!
so we reached the island and were welcomed by deers, like in Nara haha
  the deer was kinda aggressive and stole the paper from the girl and ate it @o@
but the girl was soooo cute haha
way to Itsukushima Shrine!
so pretty :D
should have looked for a bigger tree to hide hahaha
oh i love this picture so much :D <3 so cute!
torii again...~~ so beautiful!
haha yeah i was there!!

Itsukushima Shrine
so pretty ^-^
afterwards we went up a hill to a cable railway to see the mountain view!
i really like this picture :D
aaand we arrived :D we had to queue up for nearly 40min, but it was ok :D
we went hiking to a nearby shrine~
we went back to Itsukushima Shrine!
because of the ebb we could direclty go to the torii :D

so pretty ^-^
Momiji sweets factory!
so yummy :D

it was such a nice last day in Hiroshima!
on the next day we left the Hostel in the morning!
bye bye Hiroshima!~
we took the train about 7:00 in the morning...it was local train, maybe you remember haha
so it took us 15 hours until we reached Tokyo! damn we were so tired haha
but we still had fun until the end!
it was such a nice trip and we saw so much from Japan! i am really really happy about that :D
thanks to Eileen as well who traveled with me <3
see you next time! with the latest updates from Tokyo!
bye bye ^-^

(my new hair color :D )


  1. deine neue haarfarbe ist toll *_*
    und ich fast dieselbe haha ♥
    gestern tönen lassen. yay für dunkle haare!

    1. danke <3333 ich find sie auch schön >///< hehe
      oh wirklich??? :D ich hab deinen post bei FB gelesen aber ich warte noch auf ein bild :P haha~~

  2. Wow~ It looks like such a magical place! *A* Wonderful photos~
    Thank you for sharing your trip with us! c:

    1. thank you for your lovely comment :) yes, it´s really a nice place!!! i recommend it to everyone ^-^
      thank you for reading my blog! <3

  3. Miyajima is so pretty*-* I need to go there next time. I was in Nara, and the deer also ate my bag lol. </3 so mean.

    1. yes, please go there next time!!! it´s such a wonderful place :)
      haha yes, Nara was also fun :D oh really? i thought the Deers in Miyajima were more aggressive xD the ones in Nara seemed sooooo lazy wwwww
      i hope your bag is ok haha :D
      thank you for your comment ^^ <3

  4. tolle neue haarfarbe ;3
    so viele schöne bilder, oh ich hätte auch gern eins mit nem reh, das ja so cute.
    war sicher ein sehr weiter weg dorthin ^.^ und nen langer tag, aber so lernt man auch viel kennen.

    1. vielen dank ^-^ <3
      hehe, ja :D die rehe sind so goldig :) (solang sie ein nich attakieren haha xD)
      von hiroshima aus waren es nur 40min, aber von Tokyo aus....ist es schon etwas weiter ^^"
      danke für deinen kommi <3

  5. So tolle Aufnahmen, da bekomm ich richtig Fernweh! ;A; ♥
    15 Stunden im Zug? Au weia! xD
    Und ich mag deine neue Haarfarbe auch. <3

    1. vielen dank <3 :)
      haha ja...das war echt heftig. weil wir ja arme studenten sind, sind wir nur mit normalen zug gefahren und nich mit shinkansen xD....dadurch konnten wir ne menge sparen...aber es war schrecklich haha
      danke!! :)

  6. Waw!
    All the pictures are so wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your trip with us!

  7. Schöne neue Haarfarbe!! Steht dir supi und sieht toll aus.
    Die Bilder sind dir auch wieder mal super gelungen, sehr schöne Aufnahmen!!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. huhuuuu <3 Dankeeee :D <3
      und nochmal danke xD~~
      mir gefalln sie auch recht gut ^-^
      ich hoffe euch gehts gut!!!!! <3

  8. Very beautiful ur pics, and i like ur new hair color^^

  9. It seems that you had so much fun!! Great blog ^_^ Love from Lithuania!!~