☆food spam + gets☆

ドキドキ!!!Hi GAL´s!!!ドキドキ
how are you doing? 
omg this post will be full of food-pics haha
i decided to eat healthier food, so i made some japanese dishes the last week~
e.g. Okonomiyaki *3*
 or Soba vegetables and salmon bread haha
oh and THIS is what i LOVE about summer!
water melon, cherries, strawberries...LOVE *3*/

on thursday Eileen and me went to our fav bbt store!~
 cute Eileen (and Binh lol)
red guava and passion fruit tea!!~ *yummy*
afterwards we met our friends at a new café called "Mamecha"!
we ordered bento boxes and read some japanese magazines which the store has for their customers~ really nice :D
and hereee our lunch! DELUXE! xD
just awesome!

btw Accessorize has SALE time, so Eileen and me bought some cute sticker haha

 in the evening i met my friend Anne!
we went to a thai restaurant and watched the soccer match between Germany and Italy.
 omg Germany lost...but the match was reallyyyy bad...
this was my dinner btw~
in the 2nd half my sister also came to the restaurant~
we had a nice evening !
on Friday after university my friends and me went to a park for picnic~
before that we went to a japanese crepe store and a super yummy ice cream shop~
lemon sorbet~
Eileen and Mio :)

in the evening i met Pila~
we had dinner at the 60´s Diner~

bad quality ;A;
ohhh and it was raining so much at night...
i guess i caught a little cold ><
on Saturday i met my parents...before they left again during lunchtime for a trip to Rheinsberg haha
i got some presents from their previous trip to the baltic sea!
top with sweater~
and a nice shirt :) worn it looks really nice ^^
during the night there was such a heavy thunderstorm!!!
omg..normaly i like thunderstorms but this one was so crazy!
i was so scared xD.....couldn´t sleep for hours lol
so in the morning i decided to bake a lemon cake! yumyum~
in the afternoon i went for a walk through the forest! :)
it was really relaxing!

studying for upcoming exams T__T
so pretty! does somebody know her???


  1. Wirklich tolle Bilder und ich muss auch endlich bei Accessorize vorbeischauen. Momentan haben die bei uns 50% auf ganz viele Sachen. *__*

  2. ohhh i want the cherries and watermelon please! :D

  3. Was für schöne Bilder!! Jetzt will ich auch unbedingt wieder Bubble Tea trinken!! :)

  4. agree, japanese dishes are so healthy!~ those foods looks really yum!! now I'm hungry! hehe <3

  5. Binh? XDDD höhö versteh nicht..oder doch? XD
    Das Essen sieht sooo gut aus und du auch und deine gets auch XD
    Wie cool dass die in dem Café Magazine für ihre Kunden hatten*_* wow*v*
    Und nette Begleitung hattet ihr auch, wie schön ^^XD
    Viele Grüße<3
    ps hab das Bild von dem Model schonmal gesehen aber weiß nicht wer das is..vll wer ausn der Ageha?

  6. mmm...makes me hungry :P
    would love the watermelon for breakfast right now!

  7. Das was Shou schreibt, dachte ich auch gleich "Binh"??! xDDDD
    Sieht aus, als hättest du ein paar tolle Tage verbracht. Und so viel Essen xD
    Ich hatte auch panische Angst vor dem Gewitter, das war ja sooo heftig! ich hasse Gewitter, mag das überhaupt nicht und dieses war so schlimm >.<; Ich war gestern totmüde, weil ich die Nacht kaum geschlafen hatte...
    Liebe Grüße

  8. omg all the food!! hungry !! ;___;
    love the gets!

  9. That wallet next to the Japanese magazines is super cuuute!

  10. yeah she really cute :3 love and yes am hungry now i wan eat T.T

  11. hi dein blog ist super =) und danke das du einer meiner wenigen follower bist =)natürlich bin ich auch dein follower jetzt =)

  12. OMG this is making me so hungry!! Everything looks so delish! That's why Japanese food is amazing because it is so healthy and delish at the same time :D
    Love the tops♥

  13. Ich komm auf das Okonomyaki nicht klar *-* sieht sooo lecker aus!! Japanisches essen sieht einfach so hammer aus :3

  14. I really would like to know how to prepare all these japanese dishes. They look so tasty :D.
    You are really pretty btw. I really envy a lot of japanes girls for her slim and tiny figure ♥

  15. All the food is making me hungry haha