☆Momiji @ Mount Takao☆

How are you doing?!?!
today i went with some french friends from my dorm to Mount Takao!!!
we wanted to see the Momiji! (colored leaves of the trees)
we met about 8:00 in the lobby and arrived about 8:45 at the Mt. Takao station :D
here are some pictures i took!
please enjoy ^-^
 i really like the pictures :D <3
it was so much fun~^-^

 btw this was my outfit from my birthday!!
i forgot to upload it xD
hat: Wonder Rocket
Top: Bye Bye
sweater: INGNI
skirt: H&M
tights: Tutuanna
boots: off brand

 yesterday i received this package from my friend Anne!!!
it´s a birthday present for me ^-^
it´s a cute hat with a bow <3, a pretty necklace, lashes, mascara, labello and a cute letter ^-^ 
thank you soooooooooo much!!!!! <333

thank you for reading!!!
tomorrow i will go to Fuji-Q High Land with my friend Erina!!! ^-^
i am so looking forward to it!!!! <3


  1. OMG!!! sooo schööön!!! *____*
    ich will auch Momiji sehen... ;___; und auf den Mt Takao!! ~ Nike

  2. Whaaaaaa schöne Bilder *___* Ich will auch Momiji sehen (*-*)

  3. wunderschöne bilder!!!
    Und schönes Outfit ^-^

  4. wow was für eine schöne landschaft

  5. WAS????? Schon angekommen??????
    Das ging ja schneller, als ich dachte!!!!
    Aber es freut mich, dass dir das alles gefällt ^^ Ich war mir nicht sicher ^^°
    Hoffe du kannst damit was anfangen =)

    Liebe Grüße von
    Anne =)

  6. The colours of the trees are so lovely. I bet it looks even better in real.

  7. Was für schöne Bilder!!! <33
    Liebe Grüße aus Düsseldorf von den Berlinern :)

  8. What a wonderful place. XD

    Such beautiful scenery....*__*

  9. great blog and great outfit :) would u like follow each other?