☆My Apartment in Tokyo + Surrounding Area☆

Hello everyone <3
today i want to show you the district and my apartment where i lived in Japan! :D
 the train station near my apartment is called "SeisekiSakuragaoka".
the surrounding area of the Ghibli movie 耳をすませば was based on this district by the way :D 
it´s a 30min train ride from Shinjuku! So it´s really close to the center~
the train station is combined with a huge shopping mall divided into 4 buildings.
Keio store is one of them~
 when you turn right from this angle you will see the OPA shopping mall
by the way japanese people called this district "village"....well...i want to know ho they call a real village without any shopping malls hahaha
mostly i took a route behind the main street, to my apartment~
omg, when we arrived in Japan last year, this house was not there~
they started to build it in the end of september i guess~ since than we always followed the building process and it was soooo pretty when it was finished!! i want to live in it someday hahaha!!
when you follow this street and turn left, after a while you will arrive at my apartment complex haha
sooo coool haha
Chuo University International Residence Seiseki Sakuragaoka :D
we lived together with japanese students and international students.
the best is, that everyone has their own apartment!!!
(i hate shared dormitories...it´s horrible...haha)
left side of the building~ in the back you can store your bicycle~
also the place for garbage and my friends bike haha
entranceee~~ out and inside :D
right from the entrance is the managers office, than the smoking room and on the left side on the screen we could see when we received a package~
smoking room and lobby~
view outside the window~ bicycle parking area lol
TV with PS2, etc~
 vending machine and post poxes~
aaand back to the entrance :D
so let´s go to the 9th floor to visit my apartment lol
way back from my apartment to the elevator, and the view from the elevator into the direction of my apartment~
view from the corridor~
steak restaurant and super market in front of the building~
left and right side are also conbini~
door to my apartment (No 907)
it´s just one room, but toally enough haha
left side washing machine and right side bath room~
next to the washing machine is the kitchen~
it´s super small~ cooking was not so easy xD
aaand my room :D
shelf with clothes, bags, cd´s, magazines and school stuff~

 Triendl Reina, Tsubasa and Kanno Yui photobook, Ayu Dvd´s, Royz + V(neu) CDs~
i love this corner of the room <3
the first thing i bought in Japan was the huge mirror and the carpet....LOL
super necessary!!:D
on the wall i put pictures from the Liz Lisa magazines haha~
when you turn left there is the desk~
i made a huge collage with pictures of my friends <3
at the opposite of the shelf, there is the bed~~
what beautiful bed sheets....lol 
i love the alpaca collection hehe xD~
at the opposite of the bed was the fridge lol
this was my small apartment hehe :D
of course you can´t miss the view from the balcony xD
so nice right? :D

thank you for reading!!! <333
i hope you like this post ^o^/


  1. Thanks for sharing~ Nice place :) Hope to go to Japan again next year w/ my sister.

    1. thank you for your lovely comment! :) i hope you can visit Japan again soon!!! :D where do you plan to go in Japan? ^^

  2. Thanks for sharing. It looks really nice!!
    It makes me want to go to Japan and experience an exchange year so much more... ;A;

    1. thank you for your cute comment!!! <3
      yes, it´s really such a nice opportunity to study in Japan! i hope you can experience it someday <3 do you have any plans for that yet? :)
      take care~ ^^/

  3. Wow dein Apartment und die Gegend waren wirklich superschön :3 Dass der Ghibli-Film davon inspiriert wurde, wusste ich gar nicht, das ist mein lieblings-Ghibli-Film (://///;) <3
    Wirklich toll und echt nah am Zentrum^^
    Ich finde es fast immer ein wenig schade, dass die Einkaufszentren in Japan immer gleich so gigantisch sind, man kann dann immer schon einen ganzen Tag in nur einem Laden bleiben XD Da hab ich manchmal das gefühl nicht alles sehen zu können -.-;;

    1. jaaa finde ich auch!!! ich will da irgendwann mal wohnen ;o;
      und JA der gehört auch zu einen meiner liebsten ghibli filme <333
      ja, das stimmt, nur 30min mit dem zug und dann war man in shinjuku, davon ma abgesehen das wir auch etliche einkaufsmöglichkeiten bei uns hatten lol haha ja, das stimmt größtenteils xD~ ich freu mich das es dir in nagoya auch so gut gefällt!! ich war nur einmal dort bis jetz >o< liebe grüße <3333

  4. What a beautiful apartment with a GORGEOUS view! :'D Super love your photos~ It definitely adds a personal touch! >u<

    1. thank you so much!! <3 haha yes, compared to the other students apartments, my one was the most colorful one haha
      take care :) <3

  5. Aww der Blogeintrag ist super interessant!*0* dein Apartment ist auch total süß! ¤♡ bin froh dass du dir nicht das Bad teilen musstest xD sowas wäre mich auch nichts! Die Aussicht ist auch so schön! ♡♡

    1. ohhh vielen dank ;o; <3
      ja, deswegen wollte ich an die uni, weil ich wusste das wohnheim ist im apartment style wo man sich nix teilen muss xD ich hasse shared kitchen/bathroom...ToT
      dankeee <3

  6. I would be the happiest person on the planet if I had your life ♥♥

    1. haha thank you, but my life is really not that spectacular xD...
      i like your blog <3 :3

  7. Omg I love so much your apto!♥
    and you decorated it super super good *-*
    I wonder... If i live in Japan as exchange student is the rent super expensive? or do the university scholarship helped you with that?
    Ohh and you said "where I lived"... arent you living there anymore? </3 ( Sorry my english is bad )

    1. thank you <333
      my rent was about 40,000Yen~ so compared to the japanese students who lived in the same building, it was much more cheap!~
      they pay about 70,000Yen i guess~ it depends on the university how much you have to pay for your place in a dormitory, or if you want to live on your own :)
      no, unfortunately my year as an exchange student is over >o<
      thank you for your comment <3

  8. Aww I just realized you live in the same apartment! She left Japan this August tho. Seisekisakuragaoka is such a convenient place! I went there once to visit her and they have almost everything.

    1. thank you for your comment!!! :)
      Seiseki is really such a nice place <3
      but who is "she" and "her"? did i met you maybe? xD sorry, but i can´t remember atm...

  9. dein apartement sieht echt prima aus hihi ♥

  10. Hi!! Just found your blog while looking up information on Chuo. How did you like living in Seiseki? Someone told me there is a curfew and surveillance cameras. Is this true? I will be attending in the fall and chose Seiseki as my first choice, because of the location. It looks really pretty!

    1. living in Seiseki was the best choice i made! the dorm is so so great, you will have your own apartment, it´s so convenient!
      there is no curfew, but surveillance cameras in the lobby. it´s not a big deal actually, ´cause you won´t spend much time there~ i don´t even know if they work lol
      the surrounding area of the dorm is really great, and you have a super market and kombinis right across the street! it´s also just a short walk to the Tama river, where you can relax, and just 8min to the train station where you can go straight to Shinjuku without changing trains! keep in mind that Seiseki is the most convenient dorm-choice when you attend for chuo university. the other dorm and own apartments are in the middle of nowhere...you have to take the train for grocery shopping...or you have to change trains when you want to go to shinjuku....(expensive!!!)
      at seiseki station you have a 3 building shopping center, connected to 2 other shopping malls~ starbucks, mc donalds, karaoke, izakaya, everything is near the station ^^/
      if you have more questions, feel free to ask me ^^

    2. Thank you very much for your reply! I hope I get placed in Seiseki. I do have a couple more questions. I will be taking English classes there. Will they be like any other university classes that I would take at my home university? My Japanese is not very good. I have only been studying for a year. I hope to improve in my time at Chuo. Do you think your Japanese improved after your stay there? You seemed to have had a good when you were there. I hope I do too! I am starting to get nervous as the date to leave approaches! :/ Though I am excited to go shopping there, since I am into fashion and clothes as well. There are so many cute clothes!

    3. no problem :) i hope you can live in Seiseki! my friend will also attend Chuo starting in September :) he also wants to live in Seiseki haha
      hmmm, i never took any english lessons, so i actually don´t know! but i heard that the english level of the courses is not very high, so it´s ok! i would recommend classes with Mr. Hesse!!! he is so cooool and fun!!! :D
      but i think with the japanese courses, you have enough courses to deal with in the first semester haha
      yes, my japanese improved a lot i think~ daily conversation and daily stuff you don´t learn out of a textbook! so don´t worry about that :) i bet you will have a great time there!!! may i ask where you´re come from?
      haha yes, it´s a paradise for going shopping!!!! is it you first time in japan/tokyo?^^

    4. That is awesome! I will probably see him there then! You can tell him my name is Liann. I am Vietnamese and probably won't have any problems standing out in Japan except for my terrible Japanese. haha.
      I am coming from Texas and it will be my first time in Japan. It will be a major change for me. Where I live, you always have to take a car to go every where. You do not walk to many places and everything is spread out. I am looking forward to taking trains and riding bikes and walking everywhere!

    5. haha ok, by the next chance i will tell him about you :) his name is Alex btw :)
      ohhh, it will totally different for you!! but i think more convenient hehe ;DDD you can also take the bike to university btw :) i hope you will have a good time there ^-^

  11. Thank you for sharing~ Hi, my name is Anin, I'm from Indonesia. I will attend at Chuo University this September and I want to ask you something.. I want to live in seiseki dorm but do I have to arrange the housing by myself? In the admission form, there's this question whether I wish to be arranged my housing or not. Based on your experience, if I want to live at seiseki dorm, which one should I choose? Thank you ^^

    1. Hello :)
      i am sorry for my late reply, i haven´t blogged for month ahahaha
      i think in the meanwhile you already received the documents about the 3 options for exchange students, where they want to live? :)
      i hope you can live at Seiseki Dorm!!! it´s really great! have a nice stay :)

  12. Hi! I'm thinking to live in this resident next year! Was there a curfew? Were you allowed to have friends over in your apartment??

    1. Hello :)
      there´s no curfew, don´t worry :) you can party all night in Tokyo haha :D
      well, they made a rule for visitors, who are not allowed to stay at the dorm after 10pm...I don´t know if they changed it back though.
      talking about friends staying over at your room, it is possible, but the person must be of the same sex.
      hope you´ll have a nice stay :)