☆ Harajuku Day with Amanda ☆

Hi everyone <3
sorry for not posting so often~~
i had to work the whole weekend and am super tired since some days~~haha
busy life yaaaayyy~~
today i want to write about the 27th of August, where i met my lovely friend Amanda in Harajuku!
we wanted to eat pancakes at the famous café eggs ´n things, but it was suuuuper crowded, and the people lined up for hours, so we decided to go to another pancake café~
maybe you remember this one:
 i love the lamp lol
(c) Amanda
left side my pancakes with fruit mix~ right side Amandas pancakes with mixed berries :D
Afterwards we went to Kiddyland!!
(c) Amanda
Rilakkuma section!!! omg we spent so much time there lol~ <3
(c) Amanda
Ghibli section!!! ohh we wanted to buy everything hahaha <3
(c) Amanda
Snoopy Town!!! hahaha even guys were buying Snoopy merch lol
hahaha i love this pic!!!
cute Amanda with creepy vegetable merch lol!!!
afterwards we went to Laforet~
we visited the Algonquins store and Eileen and my friend Saki was there!!!
ohhh she was so happy lol~
we took pictures together hehe
she is soooo cuteee!!! she had a new hair color nearly every week haha
next stop was Etude House~
afterwards we went to Takeshita Dori~
at Closet Child i couldn´s resist buying two Subaru (Royz)  チェキ!!<333
soooo cuteeee~ hahaha

for dinner we had Kebab nomnomnom~
(c) Amanda
the set was really cheap btw~
in the evening we went to Shibuya~
look at the cool Hatsune Miku advertisement~~
we took some puri of course!! <3

it was such a fun day!!! i will miss her a lot ;A;
can´t wait to see you in december Amanda!!!!! <33333
this is what i bought this day :D

thank you for reading!!!! <3
i try to reply to all the comments soon ^-^ <3


  1. waaah everything is so cute and awesome! *___*

  2. ;___; Immer wenn ich Bilder von den viiieeeelen Jiji's im Kiddyland sehe will ich auch so einen haben. Hier sind die ja unverschämt teuer. >____<''

    Aber eure Puris sind wieder so toll~ dein Outfit mag ich total ^^

  3. Oh so schöne Fotos!! Und eure Puris sind auch voll süß!!!
    Hab deine Messages gestern gelesen. Also wenn sich der Kleine noch so lange Zeit lässt, können wir uns gern ab dem 16. treffen, ansonsten wirds dann erstmal ne Weile nix vermutlich, weil wir uns dann erstmal in der Rolle als Mama und Papa wiederfinden müssen :)
    Aber bisher sieht ja alles gut aus und ich hoffe auch nicht, dass er dolle eher kommt...
    Wir wünschen dir viel Erfolg beim Lernen und bei deiner Prüfung!!!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. ich würd glaub ich auch 10 stunden im rilakkuma store verbringen xDD
    eure purikuras sind voll süß*-*

  5. OMG, everything is so KAWAII!! I really want to visit Japan soon....

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