☆Enoshima Aquarium + Fuji-san 5 Lakes☆

Hey Hey <3 
fuuuu the last weeks were soooo busy!! 
i was going out everyday, so i had no time for blogging ;o;~
so let´s try to catch up with the last weeks!
on 17th of august i went to Enoshima!
in the morning we went to my friends Loris house~
her boyfriend, his friend, Lori, Eileen and me went to Enoshima by car!!
oh it was so much fun haha :D
 stop at Lawson haha 
(picture by Lori :))

we arrived about 10:30~ the guys decided to go swimming, and we visited the Aquarium in Enoshima :D
i love the huge aquarium!! so pretty <3
jelly fishhhh!!! i like them, cause they look like mushrooms haha so cute!
Eileen and me :D
i was really looking forward to the dolphin show, but actually you saw much more of the dancers, instead of the dolphins T___T

afterwads we went to the beach, met the guys, and went swimming!!!
oh it was so great :D
 but i got sunburn in my faceeee ;A;~~
 ohhh i like Enoshima so much! it was such a great day <3
thanks to everyone :D
 on 18th Eileen and me met Kukki and Franzi!!!
we went to mountain Fuji all together :D
of course NOT hiking hahaha
the train was decorated with pictures from Fuji-san which were drawn by school kids :D
so cute ^-^
on the way to one of the 5 lakes around Fuji-san! :D
sooo pretty!!!
we decided to go up the cable railway~
Fuji Q Highland!! i went there last year, you can read it here!

ok, actually behind me should be Fuji-san...but well...it was too cloudy TAT/
we went down again and walked a little around the lake~
whale-boat race!! lol
and finally we could see Fuji-san :D!!!
so the trip wasn´t for nothing haha
afterwards we went to the station and back home~~
it was so nice to see Fuji-san from so close!! :D
thanks to everyone for going there <3

thank you for reading!!
see you next time <3


  1. whaaa tolle Bilder *__* Ich möchte auch Fuji-san besuchen^^ Du hast echt Glück dass du so lange in Japan sein kannst, bei mir sind ja nur etwas mehr als 9 Monate :/

  2. Your pics are so amazing. ^^ So beautiful and i like the Aquarium *w*


  3. Wow schöne Bilder! Das Aquarium sieht ja toll aus, atemberaubend die ganzen Fischschwärme!!! Und das Meer, hach der Sommer ist quasi schon wieder vorbei, hier ist es die letzten Tage so trist und grau, regnerisch und kalt. Das mag ich gar nicht >_<;
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Oooh! Looks like you had such a fun trip! :D ♥

    The turle-bread is way too cute! x)

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  5. This looks like SO much fun!
    btw,at first I thought that these dancers were cosplaying. lol ><

  6. Looks like sooo much fun. I'm off to live in Asia next year and these photos make me even more excited.

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