☆ Tokyo Disney Sea ☆

Hello everyone <3
How are youuuuu? i am super busy as always lol
i work nearly everyday and parallel to that i have to study for an exam...
 so no time for going out and having fun TAT
my friend Nina and me wanted to go to the Jay Park (<3) concert on saturday...but it was canceled....so sad ;O;
well, i decided to not post my university pictures yet, instead i prepared some pictures from Tokyo Disney Sea!! i went there together with Eileen on 26th of August~
nearly one month ago....damn, time flies too fast...
so enjoy!! :D
train station for Tokyo Disney Resort near JR Maihama Station :D
of course you can walk to Disney Land (that´s why i never used this train haha) but when you plan to visit Disney Sea, you need to take the train (as long as you don´t have a car lol)
the windows and train handgrip look like Mickey hehe so cute!!!
so we arrived after some minutes and the entrance statue/fontain was so so pretty!!!
 this year the Tokyo Disney Resort celebrates their 30th anniversary ^^/
gate to the Disney Sea park!!
it was still summer themed! :D
 some impressions of the souroundings!
 i really love the maritime theme!
it looks like in Venice! so pretty!
there was also a wedding ceremony!!!
omg this would be so awesome to marry in TDS haha
 her dress is so pretty!

first we had some lunch!!!

afterwards we started our amusement tour through TDS!
this was an interesting "island" lol

afterwards we went to little mermaids themed land!
omg this was soooo cool! <3
look at those two girls!!! so super cute!!!
next time i also want to wear school uniform or minnie dress!
hopefully as twin style haha
entrance to neptunes undersea world!!!
we were really surprised when we discovered  this world haha
the blue in the pictures looks really nice! :D
little mermaid with her friends <3

afterwards we visited the arabic themed land!
based on the movie Aladin!
we visited a merry go round and a theater there :D
afterwards we walked to the Indiana Jones attraction!
on the way, we bought those super yummy cinnamon sticks, which we love so much!
please try them when you visit TDL or TDS :)
Indiana Jones attraction!!
ohh we had to line up so long, but it was really worth it, even if it was a little scary haha
ohhh i wanted to ride this ;O;!!!

this Toy Story attraction is super new, and everyone goes crazy about it...
we just went to the entrance...saw thousand of people...and left right away lol
cause it was already late and we haven´t seen anything yet from TDS during this time haha
 view over the water to the vulcano!~
it looks so pretty, also at night!
it was such a nice day at TDS and i have to say that i like it much more than TDL~
i love the water themed attractions, and the maritime theme~
btw, when you plan to go on a date to the disney resort, don´t go to TDL! it means bad fortune for a relationship! TDS is the usual couple spot haha
my japanese friend said that to me xD

HERE and HERE you can read my reports about TDL! ^-^/
thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed :)


  1. Wow sieht das alles toll aus!! (*_*) Da bekomme ich auch Lust, dahin zu gehen^^ Na mal sehen :)
    Wirklich wirklich tolle Bilder*-*

  2. Woah the pics are SO beautiful *___* I want to go there too >w<

  3. Also ich versteh gar nicht, warum man da nich zum Date hingehen soll xDD
    Die Bilder sind total schön!!! Es sieht richtig schön aus, was sie dort errichtet haben ♥ Und wie süß, dass dort Leute geheiratet haben!!! (Die wissen bestimmt nix von dem Gerücht, dass das nich gut für die Beziehung ist xD)
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Wow. Beautiful pics. I wish I could go there. I have only been to the one in florida, usa.

  5. Wow! I wanna go there again!


  6. wow es muss voll schön gewesen sein dort*-*

    finds voll süß, dass da welche geheiratet haben XD ♥