☆Tokyo Dome City + Tokyo Tower + Roppongi Hills☆

Hey everyone <3 
still trying to catch up with the last weeks haha~
on 19th of august i met my lovely friend Erina again <3
we met in Shinjuku and went to Tokyo Dome City afterwards! 
i wanted to visit the Moomin Cafe again, cause it´s so cute ;o;/
 Erina :D
we ordered mixed berry fruit parfait *Q*/
and ate together with moomin mama haha :D
view to the bakery :D
i wanted to buy all the merchandise *o* but i just bought 3 spoons haha

Erina in front of the café :D
Tokyo Dome City amusement park :)
we visited two attractions and than we went to the Tokyo Tower :)
so pretty!!! :)
Tokyo Tower mascot!~
it looks kinda...weird haha
beautiful Tokyo!!
this ball was found last year on the top of the tower~
it´s a mystery how it got there~
there is also a shrine at the platform of the tower :)
there were some DJs who played love songs which you could request from a list lol
the one with the blue shirt was cute~ he actually posed for my picture but i took the photo too late www
dinner :D nomnomnom~~
so pretty <3
we also took some puri!!
afterwards we said bye bye and went back home~
it was such a funny day <3
when i arrived at my station i met Eileen in our favourite Izakaya~
we ate yummy parfait *Q*
Keisuke lol
it was so funny like always haha~~
on 20th of august i met my cute friend Chisato <3
we decided to visit an art exhibition about Love in the Roppongi Hills :)
it was really interesting! but it wasn´t allowed to take pictures ><
afterwards we also could go to the observation deck~
we had such a beuatiful view over Tokyo, cause the sky was so clear!!!
 Sky Tree, left side / Tokyo Tower, right side

 Tokyo is so pretty and endless <3
Love is...something you fall into! <3
we had dinner at a pancake restaurant!! so gooood <3
  Mori Tower~
TV Asahi entrance! so cute lol
afterwards we went to the Hard Rock Café shop~
so coool~~ haha
we went back to Shibuya and made some puri and went to Karaoke <3

it was such a nice day ~

thank you for reading!!! <3


  1. Wow die Aufnahmen von Tokyo sind wirklich toll (*__*)
    und alles andere auch^^

  2. Amazing pics and lovely blog!!!

  3. Die Fotos sind voll toll!!!!! Und ihr ward wieder mal im Moomincafe ♥ Ich bin ganz neidisch xDDD
    Die Nachtaufnahmen von Tokyo sind traumhaft! Die wollte ich dieses Jahr eigentlich auch machen, aber hab ich ja leider nicht mehr geschafft :(
    Liebe Grüße