☆I met KUMICKY at NHK Tokyo!!!!☆


How are you doing?
Yesterday I had the chance to meet KUMICKY at NHK Tokyo!
She is a very famous Model of my favourite magazine POPTEEN.
i think the most of you know her or saw a picture of her before~~^^

well, i went to NHK together with Steffi
We met at Hachiko in Shibuya and took a taxi to NHK~
Kayo picked us up at the entrance and we went to the waiting room. 
we got a one day pass for the NHK center~~
some other friends of Steffi and Kayo were already waiting there, because they participated in the show where Kumicky also took part in~~ the show was about Gyaru!
Steffi and me shared a Bento we got, we were nearly starving, because we had no breakfast hahaha~
 afterwards Steffi and me got called to the studio to watch the preparations and the start of the filming~~
 than Kumicky entered the studio~~ she is soooo small and tiny, but so cute.
she smiled at us when she saw us hahaha :D
  than the filming began, we saw the set but also saw the filming at a screen in front of us.
than the friends of Steffi came to the set and got ready for their performance~
 everyone looked really pretty!!
 they did a great job!! ^-^
 there is Kumicky haha~
 this was the schedule~~
the show is called Rの法則
 it will be broadcasted on February 14th on NHK!
don´t miss it ^-^

afterwards we waited about 2 hours for Kumicky.
she interrupted the meeting she attended, just to take a picture with us and talking to us~
this is the picture :D
 Kumicky (left corner) looks so cute!!!
Everyone did the Kumicky Pose ^-^

i am so glad that i had the chance to meet her~
this was such a nice experience!!!
thanks to Kayo again, who made this possible!!! <3

Thank you for reading!!!

(the next post is about my trip to Odaiba on Friday, with Yusuke and Eileen ^-^)

bye bye~~  


  1. Lucky!! You girls all looked adoraaaaaable. Looks like it was loads of fun!

  2. Omg R no Housoku?!!?! So you were also able to see Johnny's Jr. Jesse Lewis and Tanaka Juri?! OMGGG. I so love them esp Jesse!!! <3<3<3 You're so lucky! And oh, Kumicky is sooo pretty!! <3


  3. woah cool ;3 das war bestimmt total spannend!!

  4. Wow das ist wirklich toll (*///*) Kumicky ist mein Lieblingsmodel, hoffentlich hab ich auch irgendwann so ne Chance*-* wirklich schöne und interessante bilder^^

  5. OMG you are so lucky ^^ she's my fave model, i wanna meet her, too ;)

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ich bin grade SOOOOOO neidisch!!! ;A; Ich liebe Kumicky, sie ist mein absolutes Lieblingsmodel ;O; Das ist ja sooooo cool, dass du sie treffen durftest!!! Wie seid ihr denn dahin gekommen? Also woher habt ihr das Ticket bekommen?
    Du erlebst so viele spannende Sachen, das ist der Hammer!!!
    Liebe Grüße <33

  7. Ohh, das Gruppenbild ist total niedlich. :)
    Ich freu mich für dich, dass du sie treffen konntest!

  8. Woah!! Sie ist so toll *_*; und total niedliches Bild!!