☆Hokkaido - Sapporo Trip☆


How are you doing? 
since yesterday night i am back home in Tokyo again~
i am so glad to be back again ><
this was the worst trip ever hahaha...
it started on Wednesday....we needed 4.5 hours until Narita airport!...normally you need about 2 hours....(we planned a safety time of about 2 hours to be in time haha...)
it was snowing in the morning, so the train to Shinjuku was a bit late. but this wasn´t sooooo bad actually...everything afterwards was the real disaster...haha
we left our home about 7:30 in the morning (just for record haha)
so we reached Shinjuku after more than an hour...(normally it takes 30min)
next plan was to go to Nippori by Yamanote and than going to Narita by Skyliner.
the Yamanote had a delay by 10 or 15 minutes...and stopped just a few stops after Shinjuku....the reason was an accident in Akihabara...so the trains weren´t running anymore in the direction we wanted to go...
i tried to think of a new plan and decided to go to Tokyo Station by metro.
of course hald of tokyo had to change their plans....cause yamanote was kinda dead and this is the most used train in Tokyo.....
we reached Tokyo station and went to Machiya so that we can change trains there to Narita....
we reached the station, changed trains at Aoto....there the super fast express was also late because of the snow. someone told us the train might come within 20minutes...so we went to the bath room. when we came back to the platform...we saw the train leaving....hahaha...so we took the next train, but this one was just a normal express and took about an hour....finally we reached Narita Airport and ran to the check in....we reached it just ONE minute before the check in was closed.............
i never thought that we would be in time....
we reached the check in about 11:59...closing time was 12:00...departure was 12:30....
this was sooo horrible...but in the end we just could laugh about it... hahaha
so we reached Sapporo after 1.45hours in the afternoon.
we went to our Hotel and were reaaaallyyyyyy happy about our room haha
the whole hotel was so luxurious wwwwww ok, it was really expensive though haha
we went to our room and i made a little room video :D
 and this was the view out of our room~
look at those ugly pajamas we got hahaha
aren´t we pretty wwww
in the evening we had actually "breakfast" at an Izakaya~
omg the desserts were soooo good *_____*
caramel pudding bread!
 tiramisu ice cream~~

so today we actually had many plans....BUT because of the weather...heavy snow storms, etc....we had to cancel nearly everything.
in the morning we walked to the Sapporo Beer Museum!

it was just a little snowing, so it was ok~
 soooo much snow~
 we finally reached the museum :D
 sooo cute~
after the museum we could drink beer~
ok i don´t like beer haha so Eileen drank most of it~
  looks like in Germany lol
 after the museum we stopped at a super cute café in american style and ate super yummy cake!
 afterwards we went back to the hotel...our clothes were totally drenched~
our Hotel had also an ice sculpture :D
  so cool!
afterwards we wanted to go to the Clock Tower and the Snow Festival, but because of the weather we went back reallyyyy fast haha....
  school girls fighting their way through the snow!
 the clock tower!!!
 than we went to the Sapporo station to ESTA building and went to the Ramen city~
The whole night i didn´t felt well....i had to vomit 4 times....and it was not better in the morning, so i decided to go to the doctor....i got medicine and stayed the whole day in the Hotel...T____T
really sad day...but also the weather was soooo bad...just snow storm the whole day ....
 on Saturday morning, our last day in Sapporo, we finally could go to the Snow Festival!
in the beginning even the sun was shining!!!! unbelievable!
 so, this was the snow festival....in the end the weather got bad again....T___T
we went back to the hotel, packed our luggage and checked out.
we went to the station and waited for a friend at a café.
he also had to return to Tokyo this day, so we went with him to the airport.
at 20:00 we went back to Tokyo~
after traveling through half of Tokyo again, we reached our home about 00:30....
what a trip!!! we were so happy to be back home in Tokyo haha
thanks to my friend Eileen who traveled with me! <3
she helped me a lot, when i felt sick, and we had nevertheless a lot of fun!
thank you for reading!


  1. seems like you had a horrible journey to narita! I mostly just take the NEX from shinjuku, because it's very reliable & nippori is so weird~ w
    but I looove all the photos you took of the snow festival! I saw lots of footage on it on TV already and I promissed myself I have to go next year!w

  2. oh mein gott, was für ein horror-trip zum narita-airport! aber zum glück, habt ihr es noch grade so geschafft.

    und trotz der tatsache, dass das wetter so voller schnee war und es dir nicht gut ging, hast du so schöne (faszinierende) fotos gemacht. *o* sapporo ist sicherlich mal ein trip wert.
    jetzt erhol dich gut! :)

  3. omg. nach narita muss es echt schlimm gewesen sein ://
    die bilder vom snow festival sind so huebsch :))

  4. Woow tolle Bilder vom Festival*-* Echt seltsam, dass in Japan bei ein paar Schneeflocken immer alles zusammenbricht (oO); Is ja fast schlimmer als in Dland XD

    Aber für die tollen Skulpturen hat es sich doch gelohnt oder *-*

  5. Woah man das klingt ja echt hart x.x; schade, dass es dir so schlecht ging und der Trip quasi ein Höllenritt war >.<;
    Aber die Fotos der Eisskulpturen sind wunderschön, das sind ja wahnsinnige Kunstwerke!!!
    Ich hoffe ja, dass es nächsten Monat in Tokyo halbwegs warm is. Ich will net frieren, wenn wir dich besuchen xDDD
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Really adorable!!! *__*
    I wish to see this in real life too~

  7. Wow, die Bilder sind echt schön *__* Faszinierend!

  8. Danke fürs folgen ^__^/
    Du hast es so gut in Japan zurzeit zu sein :( Und die Schneefiguren sehen ja genial aus O__O

  9. Oh my gad, I'm so impress byt the festival! So beautiful sculpture! I don't know they do that. A lot of patience and talent!
    Have a nice day~