☆Shinôkubo + Shinjuku☆


Today i met my lovely friend Susann in Shinôkubo!
i never went there before, so i was really excited to check out Korea-Town hahaha
well, i haven´t taken any pics of the streets, ´cause i was too lazy~~
but i really liked it!! everywhere K-POP music haha
AND omg i finally found a BEAST calendar!!!
it was the last one and it´s just a small one but i was so happy haha
and just 200Yen!!! of course i had to buy it!!
 hehe ^-^/
after walking around we had lunch at a Korean restaurant!
ohhh it was sooo yummy!
cute Susann!!!
this was Lunch Set A!!! Soooo much!!!~~ *3*
Chef Cook Susann 
afterwards we went to Kabukichô for Purikura and Karaoke!
i like this puri <3
and we just paid 400Yen for 2 hours Karaoke!!!! so cheap!!!:D
at Etude House i bought nice hair mist and wash lotion!!
 so awesome <3
at H&M i found a cute Party Top for tomorrow!!!
it´s simple but really nice ^-^
i also got some pamphlets from DURAS and EGOIST!
i like their new collections!!

afterwards we went to an Izakaya for dinner!!!
it was such a great day <3

thank you for reading!



  1. you are so beautiful!! *_* and the food looks so yummy!

  2. It seems you had a nice day (^^)!
    Your purikura is so cute!
    and the food looks delicious (^Q^)

  3. Ui das klingt alles super ♥♥♥ Das Essen sieht lecker aus und zum Karaoke in Shinjuku müssen wir auch. Hach ich freu mich schon sooooo aufs Kabukicho. Fand es letztes Jahr echt klasse dort! Anfangs waren wir ja etwas skeptisch wegen des Rotlichcharakters, das dem Kabukicho nachgesagt wird, aber es war echt super dort. Hosts an jeder Ecke xDD und hier und da mal ein Yakuza. Aber die tun einem ja nix.. Und fette Bonzenkarren aus Deutschland :D
    Ich freu mich schon total auf den Etude House Store in Shinjuku!!! Hach es wird so toll <33
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Das shirt ist echt schön ^^
    Ich vermisse Tokyo :D

  5. I wish to visit japan one day ^-^